June 28, 2005

Why Does Karl Rove Hate PBS/CPB?

'Cos he can.

And because Herr Rove is a master of propoganda. PBS/CPB just wasn't playing his party march and he needed it to stop lest the natives figure out they're being lied too daily by Faux News and its less extremist competitors. (Okay, admittedly- it's not just overt lies, it's also how things are framed in misleading ways, phrases that are used, citing anonymous administration sources and ignoring "non-stories" like the Downing Street Memo.) He likes everyone to goosestep in time. It's less confusing for Dubya.

Check out this if you want to know how Rove and Co. misappropriated money for a "study" on certain PBS/CPB shows (i.e. ones that didn't say we were winning in Iraq, etc.) and are now shutting them down. [BTW- Kudos to Rich does an awesome job on this piece of investigative journalism couched in an op-ed-like column.]

June 27, 2005


The news is just breaking SCOTUS says no to religious idolatry in public courthouses. YIPPEE-FUCKIN-YA!

*Happy days are here again....*

June 20, 2005

The Evergrowing List of Things To Do

We all have lists. Short lists. Long lists. Incomplete lists. Grocery lists we leave on the kitchen counter. Mental check lists for driving, bathing, dish washing, foreplay, etc..

I have a growing list of things I want to do before I become a parent, grow infirm or die. I don't think these things are negotiable at this point because my list is new.

I want to go sky diving.

I want to go to the Grand Canyon and float from one end to the other.

I want to visit New York.

I want to visit a tropical island and get a nasty foreign bug and come back home bitching but 10 lbs. lighter with a tan.

I want to go to Sturgis.

I want to go deep sea fishing 40 miles plus off the coast.

I could add a few things to this list but that would mean really baring my soul. It ain't gonna happen today. Maybe it's part of the early mid-life crisis we all must go thru. The only thing I can't figure is knowing when it's just a list, when it's an avoidance mechanism of more reponsibility or when it's really a regret.

I can see my list slightly being an avoidance mechanism and partly being borne of my being in my 30's, but there's also part of me that sees this list (and my unspoken list) being part of my just being old enough to know what regrets I have. Honestly, I never thought I would be a person that had regrets because comparatively, I have always been more of a risk taker than many of my friends. But not enough I guess. Maybe it was me that was a stick in the mud and set in my ways. And maybe I was too much of pussy to fight when I should have.

Life is too short to be stuck here in a windowless office day-to-day with the closest idea of a vaction being the bar down the street for an hour or two after work. I need to start crossing things off my list and keep inventing new lists because soon I'll be dead just like everyone else I know and that's a bit too underwhelming and depressing.

It's just too bad I put off the important lists for all of the unfinished lists I have here at work and home.

June 17, 2005

Balls of the Week- Part Menage a Trois

John C. Danforth makes some serious sense in his opening salvo for what promises to be a 2008 Presidential bid. This former Republican Senator for the Show Me State also happens to be an Episcopal minister. Good for him for having a serious set of nads and a fair amount of grace in calling out the Christian fundies as hate spreaders and bad Christians hell bent on- not religious freedom as claimed- but religious power at the expense of our great society.


June 16, 2005

It Gives A Whole New Meaning to Porkin'

The funniest true thing I've ever heard is as follows:

Skinny ass guy likes to eat. And, of course, he likes bonin' his wife. In an effort to be more efficient and to maximize his pleasure, skinny ass guy (on certain special occasions) will spread out a plastic tarp on their bed, bake up about 10 lbs. of pork chops (boneless- I asked...), throw the pork chops on the bed, throw his wife on top of that and go to town porkin' his wife while they both gnaw on tasty pig flesh.

I shit you not.

Oh... and the porkchops aren't just boneless- they're butterflied.

Thus, I wonder: Does he stuff them himself???????

Kiss My Ass, Take My Name

It may be a line from an Eminem song, but it pretty well sums up my way of thinking right now when it comes to my Freeper friends. They can kiss my ass and take my name.

Last night I damn near spat at my friend for telling me the reason my view on Terry "The Turnip" Schiavo were wrong is because my religious views were wrong.

Seriously. He's lucky he can walk today.

The only reason it came up was because after the ME's results yesterday pretty much announced what I thought the whole time about her condition and her husband's choices, it made me think a bit harder about the threshhold for making certain decisions. So this friend of mine (yes, he's still my friend for now) has asked me to be his attorney-in-fact for living will decisions and I wanted better input than what our state form says. I wanted to know what he wanted me to do in the event of his brain becoming butterscotch pudding. He turned it into "You don't know about God's grace or value life."

I wish I hadn't held back my views about his hypocrisy and his completely fucked up views on the death penalty and abortion and dying with dignity. As a matter of fact, he makes as much sense as a two year old on a pixie stik high with a mouthful of Jello. I love my friend but he's not nearly as high and mighty as he thinks and whether he realized it or not last night- he weakened our friendship by crossing over the line of "we can agree to disagree" into "I think I'm better than your heathen ass" land.

Maybe I'm not the best person to decide when to pull the plug on him. He can kiss my ass and take my name.

June 13, 2005


The jury has spoken. MJ has been found not guilty on all counts. I think there are some people out there who owe me money. I expect you to call me and not make me hunt you down like a cur dog.

Top 10 Desert Island Song Picks

So I saw a post by some people I know whose site I will no longer post to, but have to visit for professional reasons. So the post was intriguing. It was something about Top 10 Songs (not albums, but songs) would you want on a desert island if you could have something to play them on and if you could narrow the list to just 10? So, now that I (like 93 million other Amer-kans) am waiting for the Michael Jackson verdict, I figured I'd post my list here. It's not as tough as you think even if you like music like me.

For me the list (in no particular order) is as follows:

1. Summer Wind- Frank Sinatra
2. In Your Eyes- Peter Gabriel
3. Lose Yourself- Eminem
4. Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner- Iron Maiden
5. Something So Right- Annie Lennox version
6. Dig Down Deep- Marc Cohn
7. Photographs and Memories- Jim Croce
8. Superstition- Stevie Wonder
9. Baby, It's Cold Outside- Ray Charles & Nina Simone
10. Save The Last Dance For Me- The Drifters

***12 minutes to V- time: I think he's innocent. Let's see how he does.....

June 09, 2005

Start Making Your Lists

It is fairly obvious the Republicans are trying to destroy the very fiber of our Democracy. From the FDA, to the DOJ, to the BIA, to the PBS- they are infiltrating and mucking up the process of protecting our fine country.

We see the stories everyday. PBS has been taken over by Republicans who deem it "too liberal." The FDA helps protect big drug manufacturers from liability and pussyfoots around RU-486. The DOJ backs off the $130 billion dollar fine for Big Tobacco (and I am a smoker) and instead asks for $10B. The Surgeon General does not even have a medical degree worth a damn. The armed services is being weakened by yes men who have to kidnap kids in order to try and make their recruitment quotas. The BIA helps one tribe kick out another tribe from the Indian casino industry with the help of some very large and very well-placed bribes (screw you Tommy DeLay). The EPA fudges reports and hides documentation of global warming and works hand in hand with ExxonMobil to yank the rug out from under the Kyoto treaty (and lies about it with Dick Cheney). Etc.. Etc. Etc.....

All of these various agencies have been royally fucked up by Bush and Co.. When the Democrats take back the White House in '08, they better have their list ready of replacements for these dumb fucks presently appointed. I suggest they start that list now as it will take years to find enough suitable replacements who will be willing to wade neck deep in the shit created by these fundamentalist bastards.

Such a clean up job is immense and will take a lot of guts and long hours. Pussy ass motherfucking Republicans need not apply.

June 06, 2005

It Was Fun While It Lasted

Since the preznit started squatting in the White House, Americans have lost certain civil liberties. The right to be free of illegal search and seizure (without probable cause) has gone by the wayside with little or no checks thanks in part to the so-called Patriot Act. The right to have a private phone call, to speak one's mind in a public place, the right to be free of the heavyhandedness of religious enterprise are all things we can say "nice knowin' ya" to under Dumya's watch. And now, thanks to the Bush Administration's bullshit war on drugs, you can also say goodbye to your doctor being able to prescribe medical marijuana to you for the treatment of debilitating and painful diseases. So in case you are retarded, this means in broader implication land that your doctor's treatment of you can be curtailed by a suit in Washington who has no medical background, who does not know you, does not know your medical history or any idea of the pain you endure. The government now, officially, has its own white coat and a lousy bedside manner.

I'm pissed to say the least, but I expected it.

Let's get this straight- I hate George Bush. I hate his administration. I hate his mother for not aborting him. I hate his father for helping prop his sorry ass up for decades while he did coke in truck stop bathrooms. I hate his Stepfordized wife and her Consort sprayed hair. I hate his slut daughter and her boring twin. I hate John Ashcroft. I hate Alberto Gonzales. I hate that smug asshole Donald Rumsfeld. I hate Dick Cheney, his pornographer wife and his turncoat lesbian daughter. And I hate the red state crackers. You guys collectively aren't worthy of sucking the dingleberry off a donkey's ass.

To all of you assholes who voted for the dickhead and co., Terry Schiavo was just a warm up. You just thought you were sacred. Soon you won't be able to buy groceries without a fingerprint scan. You won't be able to put your kids in little league without a credit check and signing a loyalty oath to the Fuhrer. Fuck you guys for screwing up a nice democracy. Fuck you guys twice for being to stoo-pid to listen to reason and to something other than Fox News and the 700 Club.

It was a fun experiment while it lasted.

P.S. Go ahead and report me to the Secret Service. They can fuck off, too.

June 03, 2005

Balls of the Week- Part Deux

Need I say more than these two words: Deep Throat? And I don't mean Linda Lovelace.

He may or may not be a hero, but at least he's got better hair than Ben Stein, Bob Novak, G. Gordon Liddy and Pat Buchanan. I've listened to all of them this week and have to call on them on their bullshit. They're just still pissed he skunked Nixon for being a big, fat crook.