October 12, 2005

A Little Perversion Therapy

I'm kind of an oddity. I'm a 30-something, married professional who likes gay porn.

There I've said it. I like watching guys with other guys. Why might you ask? Because it's all hot guys, all the time.

I don't have to see a sloppy-tittied hag fake her orgasm for the 19th time in a 23 minute video. I don't have to watch the guy try to stay hard as a director moves him from scene to scene expecting him to remain turgid enough to poke the dry hole of the meth addict starring in that particular production.

I get to see hard bodied guys do what hard bodied guys like to do. Fuck. And fuck hard.

It's a cool thing- the male sex drive. It's raw, untamed and unnerving that people can be that aggressive. There's no fakery (unless you count Viagra- but you can pretty much tell when that's being used) and there's no bullshit haggling about love, honor or committment. It's just sex for sex's sake. IOW- it's a pure biological escape.

Some friends of mine do not understand my preference for gay porn, but a few do. Some have likened it to guys liking lesbian porn. I agree there are some commonalities, but there are differences too.

For instance, men watch lesbian porn for several reasons- they don't have to compare their dongs to the over-achieving Ron Jeremy's starring in porn today. I mean seriously- how many guys are really 9 and 3/4's??? They don't have to compare how long they can last. Seeing how the average for intercourse is less than 5 minutes- I can see why most guys worry about comparisons. They don't have to be worried about being aroused by the sight of a nude guy and thus, can avoid any homoerotic potentialities. Lastly, they can see women in a completely subservient, made-for-men, put on that protects their sexual egos.

I don't have to worry about my sexual ego. It is what it is. I don't watch gay porn because of homoerotic potentialities- I watch it because the guys are beautiful (agreed that some aren't but I don't buy those videos). I can hardly say that a woman is beautiful although I freely admit I'd pay to see Brad and Angelina do it. I mean- who wouldn't?? I don't worry about how long I last. I'm a woman- technically- I can last all night. Hell, I can sleep through it if I want. And as a woman, it' not like you want to be known for having the biggest cooze. And who cares about big boobs other than bull dyke titty babies and men with serious nipple issues? I already feel like my boobs are big enough. My nipples are a whole other issue for a different blog and maybe a PhD paper or two.

My husband could care less what I watch as long as he doesn't have to watch it, see it laying about or have me interupt his History International to tell him about the new lube Chi Chi LaRue is using in his movies. It's the same way he feels about my football. He could care less if I hang out a the local sports bar all day making bets with the boys over beers and shots. He just doesn't want to hear about it or watch the game with me.

Oh, well. I guess we all have our escapes. Mine's a little perversion therapy.

October 05, 2005

Outing- Right or Wrong?

I could care two shits who you fuck or don't fuck. I cold care less if you fuck at all (but if it's really fantastic do share details :) ). And so I ask the question more out of a sense that this nation is approaching a crossroads of sorts on the issues of gays and lesbians and how they fit in our society: Are they up front or do they come in the back door?

I am a big proponent of just saying what you think obviously. I'm also a big proponent of equal treatment for all people unless they are really, really stoooopid or really, really bigoted. So my answer seems pretty easy- I DON'T CARE; however, I do find it creepy to be a big flaming homo who beats up on other flaming homos like the Spokane, Washington mayor, James West who gaybashed for votes and then traded city jobs for handjobs. I actually see it as a form of abuse.

Let's put it another way: let's say you're the local frat rat who makes a point of heckling fat chicks but as soon as you get 3 beers in you you're looking to roll a fat chick in flour to find the wet spot. That's wrong. There's nothing wrong with being a chubby chaser. Nothing wrong at all, but there is something wrong with treating someone (or a group in the instant case) badly in public for personal gain. Ex.- The frat rat wants to be considered cool 'cos he "likes" the skinnyass sister from Delta, Delta, Delta Have I Feltya, Feltya, Feltya, but really he likes meaty cowgirls who wear Rockies and eat Foot Long Coneys. The brothers might not let him be part of the whackoff brotherhood unless he distances himself from who he really is. IOW- he gives up his identity. It's the same with the fuckwad politician who wants to be elected so he shouts "Down with Fags!" all the while surreptitiously scoping out nimble college jocks at the downtown health club.

Fuck that. As Bill Maher would say "New Rule!"

And the New Rule is: you must claim what you fuck if you say anything about fucking at all. Or anything related to mistreating or segregating others because of who they fuck.

You despise gay marriage? Then you must give the public a statement about who you fuck. No more backdoor, latenight booty calls and self-hating. No more kicking the hooker in the teeth for giving you a blowjob. If you don't respect yourself enough to be who you are, then no nookie for you, dickhead. You advocate rejecting people for assisted pregnancy because they're gay? Or Single? Then you better not be divorced. Your kids will be shot. Twice, if the last oral sex you had was from a same sex person in a truck stop bathroom.

BUT- if you're gay and you don't attack other gays there's no problem. You have a right to your privacy because you aren't publicly fucking people, so to speak.

And another thing- if you are gay and doing someone who is a closet case and they're bashing other gays- STOP DOING HIM OR HER. They don't deserve sexual pleasure. At all. Ever. They deserve a swift kick in the teeth and a frontpage display of what a creepy little fucker they are. No, not the fact that they are gay. The fact they are creepy, little fuckers. And you may need counseling to deal with esteem problems.

I hate hypocrites. Not fags or lezbos. Learn the difference.