May 11, 2006

20 Second Update

Broke my leg/ Nothing sexy. Just broke my foot off my leg (tib/fib fractures with the latter being mostly "mush" according to my OS) and required surgery, an overnight stay at the local Staph-Infection-Is-Us outlet. Had my 2 week check-up earlier this week. 4 more weeks non-weight bearing. Guess I should sell my golf clubs....Maybe I should wait. My golf game sucked anyhow. Maybe this might improve it.

Work is hard since I've been flat on my back. If I wasn't addicted to the news before, I certainly am now. My hubby doesn't need to worry about Tylox. He needs to worry about MSNBC and CNN withdrawls. I watch and TiVo Keith Olbermann so I can watch it twice. I *Heart* KO. Some of my clients don't understand that I get tired easily now and that I have forgotten a lot of stuff in the last few days. Most do and I'm thankful for that.

I also hate not being able to do minor things for myself. Like check the mail. Or turn out a light. Or mow the lawn. At least I can still wipe my own ass.

Had to cancel my trip to Chicago tomorrow. Was supposed to scatter my cousin's ashes. He was my age and died of a massive heart attack. Had no history of any health probs. Talk about a wake up call for me. My leg BTW isn't brittle bone stuff. Just bad timing and lack of grace on my part.

Anyhow- I'm totally loving the f-ing news. BushCo sure is taking it in the ass these days. I wonder how old 31% felt getting up there today to questions about the NSA actually tapping 10's of millions of peoples' phone calls? I bet he had to change his diaper afterwards. Seeing that they didn't take this thing to the DoJ for an opinion beforehand, they pretty much knew it was illegal from the get-go. That said- I want that fucker and his minions (including Hayden) in handcuffs. They violated federal law and have repeatedly lied about to the press and the voters. Oh, and Arlen Specter too since that fucker wouldn't put Alberto Gonzales under oath at the last fake "NSA WIretapping Hearings" a couple of months ago. Fag bastard mutherfucker betrayed his oath of office and should be held accountable.

So I ask this: What's more of an impeachable offense? A) Lying about a blowjob to keep from embarassing your wife? or B) Illegally wiretapping 10's of millions (shit even 1 is too many) of innocent Americans and lying about it repeatedly?

If you say "A," you need a fucking lobotomy and a date.