March 17, 2008

Howie and Donna Suck Donkey Dicks

Well, it's all I could think of. The fight is out of me at the moment. Not that I am not pissed at how they are fudge packing the Democratic Party ('cos I am and they are), but because it was a long week. And it's sorta redundant to keep pointing out what tools they are.

I defended Dean here a long while back, but over the last 15 months, I have seen that vertically challenged mutherfucker snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Not forcing Bwak to re-do Michigan pisses me off. Hell, re-doing it pisses me off. Hillary won that shit fair and square. Dumbass cocksucker decided to pull out (like I wish his drunk-o daddy would have done instead of conceiving that pencil-necked mutherfucker). Bwak didn't have to get off the ballot, he chose, too. And took Edwards with him.

Poor fucking Edwards. I sorta like the guy even if he is a bit too pretty. I'm a chick and I feel like I could assfuck him. A little lube, a short reach around (and I do mean short) and a word of encouragement like "Oh, your ass is so tight on my strap-on" or 'I'll love you forever" and you know he'd be squealing like Pam Anderson riding on Tommy Lee.

My main complaint on Edwards was his being a bit late to the Progressive Beer Pong Party. His positions were 180 degrees from four years ago and like the GOP wouldn't get out their beach footwear again. You bet your life that flip-flop company stock would triple in August.

I like Hillary. I think she's got the goods. I promise this though:

If Bwak steals this nomination, if his 'bots riot or threat to riot to get this nomination- I promise you I will not only vote for McCain, but will campaign for him and donate money. He's not nearly as dirty as that Chicago-styled dipshit delaing Hopium to the masses.


I hate Bwak with an infinite passion. I didn't at first, but I hate his pissant little supporters so much that there is no way I'd fucking link arms with those turd burglars and sing Kumbayah. I'd rather assfuck Breck Girl.

March 04, 2008

I Like These Broads

I miss Ann. I'm glad we still have Hillary. And fuck you Obamabots. In the ass.