April 21, 2006

A Bit Overwhelmed

I've been watching the news with rapt fascination lately. My gawd. Could Bush Co. be full of more shit or be more incompetent? Seriously. It's bad when even my mother-in-law, a Wall Street Journal reading, card carrying Goldwater republican just shakes her head in shame.

Between the major ass fuck up yesterday of calling China Taiwan (formal names and all) and the shout own from that religious sect's own reporter, laughable attempts to rattle sabers with Iran, Harriet Miers being shoved asided, Scotty Boy crying like a sissy during his resignation, Rove slinking off into the dark recesses of the West Wing, Ken Mehlman getting roped into the Ring-a-Dope voting scandal while on the WH payroll, Libby threatening to throw everyone and everything under a big ass bus, sky-rocketing gas prices, all the retired generals finally growing enough balls to out themselves as Rummy haters, CIA bigwigs stating unequivocally that the Bushies and WHIG cherry picked intel on Iraq, immigration reform blowing up like a motherfucker and resulting in possibly millions of newly registered brown and yellow people who hate the backstabbing Republican majority, and creeps with major cases of short-eyes infesting our Department of Homeland security- I'm just a bit overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed with complete giddiness.

Giddiness that my gut instinct about that stoopid mutherfucker occupying the White House being a complete waste of space was right. About the fact that he is an empty shell being propped up by other empty shells. About the fact that Americans are better than what we have been being the last 6 years.

The Bushies do not identify with normal Americans. They don't know what it takes to put dinner on the table, or to even gas up a fucking car these days. They forget that we are a private lot. We value our dignity and our privacy. And though we may be generous, we are not easy marks. We don't like being bent over and fucked in the ass by the guys we elect who turn out to be beholden only to special interest groups who care only about dividends and stock-splitting.

It's incomprehensible to most of us that the outgoing CEO of Exxon will receive $400,000,000.00 for raping the environment, supporting an unnecessary war and bankrupting our national treasurery and our personal pocketbooks. We think TomKat is stooopid for naming their kid Suri because that kid will get teased mercilessly by kids with normal names like Bill or Ted or Susie or Michelle. We think spending $300K for a trip to the wilds of Africa is insane. We see that as college tuition for our kids (or ourselves), or a house, or a chance to work for ourselves instead of the asshole who now signs our checks. Yeah. We just don't identify with dumbasses who waste our efforts.

We're tired of the "look at the fuzzy monkey" game and we want some answers as to why we're in debt and our collective asses are sore.

Personally I am glad to see it. I'm a bit pissed it took 6 years, but at least it's happening now. I have always believed in how good, how benevolent Aemricans can be when others are faced with adversity. I remember the May 3rd tornado and 9-11 and how people helped out. I remember the Tsunami and how many took off from their lives to fly half way around the world to help people they didn't even know. I have always believed in that part of America, but, admittedly, that belief was sorely tested these last 6 years.

I just hope its never tested again.

April 10, 2006

Oh, No They Didn't.........Ooohhh, Yes They Did

I've always been a fan of the Indigo Girls and Pink, but now, their stock has gone way up in my estimation. They called out George Bush in a major way in "Dear Mr. President" and frankly, even I was shocked with how public their pronouncement was that his political leadership along with his husbandhood, fatherhood, manhood and personhood have all been miserable failures.

Bully for them. Between them and the Dixie Chicks, hopefully the future of young womanhood won't have to be decided by misogynistic-right-wing-religious-wingnuts or fucktards as I like to call them.

Have a listen here while I research where to buy this song 'cos it freaking rocks balls.

UPDATE: It's on Pink's new album "I'm Not Dead Yet." Which also contains "Stupid Girls" the message of which is too damn cool. Buy at www.itunes.com or www.amazon.com. Support artists with balls.

April 05, 2006

And Who says Tweety Matthews Doesn't Swallow?

Many of us less-Naziesque folks have been saying for a long time that there is no mainstream/liberal media. That it was a made up lie told over and over again by Nixon and his small dicked leftovers who now control the White House. Ha. Fucking ha. You can't get more real than this shit.

You can't pretend to be a journalist when you do shit like that or help fundraise for DeLay and Jackoff Abramoff's fake charity. That makes you one of them. Your pretense of having integrity or adhering to a professional code goes bye bye like the pants on the Department of Homeland Security Deputy Press Secretary near a middle school whenever you get near some fucktard with bad hair and campaign literature for God.

What I don't get is why Tweety owes Tommy Boy any fucking thing??? Why suck up to a complete turd who is getting nearly a full hour of free national press coverage from you at no expense? At Super Bowl XL prices, you gave him $288,000,000.00 in free advertising for the GOP. And you wanna throw in a blow job, too????

Seriously. What. The. Fuck.

PS- Just out of curiosity? Tweety, what do you use to get that taste out of your mouth?

April 04, 2006

Oh Gawd...I Think I'm Having a Spontaneous Orgasm

I know about G-spots like most people (they're not a myth BTW), but I didn't know about the D-spot. I do now.

D-spot orgasm: (n) The spontaneous orgasm that occurs when a corrupt asshole congressman announces he's pulling out of his reelection campaign and will be leaving his seat early.

Talk about powerful. My knees are still shaking and my butt is still sweating (a sure tell sign).

I was just sitting around, minding my own beeswax flipping through the news last night when I saw the FOX exclusive. I nearly howled with joy, but I was too busy twitching like an epileptic out of meds at a discoteque.


I just wish I knew what caused this sudden turn of events. Maybe it had to do with his former chief of staff pleading guilty as part of the Jack Abramoff probe late last week? Something smells fishy here, and for once, it's not Galveston Bay or Jenna Bush's snatch.

While I am on my favorite subject of politics, let me say this much: Wolf Blitzer is a creep. He had Cynthia McKinney on yesterday and failed at any point to recognize she's telling the truth about security at the House. Who's he covering for? He's been through Capitol security a million times and he knows how it works. Hell, even I know how it works.

I visited DC this last summer and a good friend of mine was working for one of our state's congressmen. I stopped by to see her and she set up a private tour for me to see the Capitol Building. She assigned a staff intern who had been there all of a month to take me on the tour as she had pressing business to attend to. The intern took me downstairs into the basement catacomb to walk over to the Capitol. There were huge lines of people like me waiting to get through security. The lines were too long to wait for (roughly 1-3 hours) so we went back and grabbed some special tags from the Congressman's office and went through security at the secondary checkpoint. We were ushered through in a matter of seconds because the Capitol police recognized her instantly. Now mind you, this is an intern who has been there for all of 4-5 weeks. Not a multi-term Congresswoman.

Now I ask this: If they could recognize this lowly intern and know who who her bosses were (it was obvious from the conversation), then surely, those bozos could recognize a powerful elected House Rep from the South??? Right?

Something stinks here.

Maybe CmK is a bit bitchy. I can't blame her; she's always fighting an uphill battle with the current Congress. Maybe she copped an attitude. She's entitled. She's a Congresswoman and she's often not "recognized" by the assholes assigned to protect her.

I think she gets to play the race card here, folks. I don't see them doing this to that lying sack of shit Jean Schmidt who BTW doesn't have the college degree she claims on her resume.

April 03, 2006

Maybe the Academy Does Know Better Than Us

I saw an interview with "Brokeback Mountain" writer Annie Proulx recently wherein she went off on the Academy for choosing "Crash" as the year's best picture. She was pretty angry and at the time, I thought she was more than justified given the outrage BM has endured from bigoted groups. Then I started to watch "Crash" last night.

I was wrong.

To be honest, I had to stop watching "Crash" because its racist themes and misogyny made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Seriously uncomfortable. My guess is that's how the Academy viewers felt too. And that's probably why they voted the way they did.

"Brokeback" didn't make me uncomfortable. Sure it had a couple of fudgepacking sheep herders and a bit of violence and adultery, but those are pretty easy themes for Progressives like me to deal with. Racism is different. We're so use to the civil rights movement and accept it as it is. We see how different today is from segregationist's times and think our work is done. It's quite the opposite. It's even harder now to recognize and fight racism because it has gone underground. The fight against fag bashers is a pretty obvious one and makes it easier to rally behind the cause.

For me, that's the difference in a winner and a runner-up- making the hard distinction between one open and obvious hatred and another which is so ingrained in our culture we fail to recognize it until it rears its ugly head in a very public way like the Robert Byrd torture and murder. We forget that institutional racism exists in our courts, in our death penalty system, in our corporate structures and even in high school sports. When I hear people say they don't recognize color, I want to vomit. It's admirable they want to appear anti-racist, but the very fact they say something so stoooopid indicates they do recognize color as a divisive issue. Saying otherwise is plain lying.

"Crash" didn't lie. It exposed the lie. It exposed it in a city known for its liberal agenda and permissive social views. It exposed its own hypocrisy in a sense. It was also the first time in a long time that I saw more than one black actor in a movie that didn't include cutting hair, family reunions or BBQ's, rappers or Compton, CA gang bangers. How sad is that? Even uber-liberal Hollywood has racist tendencies.

George Clooney was excoriated last week on South Park, a show which he had an instrumental part in its discovery and subsequent success. They took shots at him for his Oscar acceptance speech wherein he lauded Hollywood's liberal credentials. I think Matt and Trey were a bit too glib. They should have recognized that George's only mistake (besides not being naked when he gave it) was in not attacking Hollywood's own hypocrisy. Sure he recognized Hattie McDaniel's 1939 Oscar, but did he point out black actors receive less money? Or that there are fewer leading roles for them? Or that when there are roles available, they're stereotypical roles like Hattie McDaniel's was as a slave?

Simply- no.

"Brokeback" was a marvelous film. A stellar piece of acting and directing, but at its heart it was a universal love story examining the ritual of love, longing and loss albeit with two hunky guys instead of Eastwood and Streep or Grant and Kerr or Bogie and Bacall. "Crash" goes further and examines an issue that everyone now ignores and points out our flaws in not doing more to examine our internalized beliefs and biases. Sorry, but that's a bigger burden and a harder task to accomplish so successfully.

"Brokeback" had wonderful cinematography and music and will one day be recognized as one of the best love stories in movie history. It was technically and artistically fantastic in a way "Crash" wasn't. But "Crash" may be recognized one day as more than just another movie as more and more of the movie watching public sees it. It may be recognized as a real watershed moment in cinematic history. It may one day recognized(hopefully) for pushing race relations further from its currently stalled position of false accomplishment.

Maybe Hollywood and the Academy got it right after all.