April 21, 2006

A Bit Overwhelmed

I've been watching the news with rapt fascination lately. My gawd. Could Bush Co. be full of more shit or be more incompetent? Seriously. It's bad when even my mother-in-law, a Wall Street Journal reading, card carrying Goldwater republican just shakes her head in shame.

Between the major ass fuck up yesterday of calling China Taiwan (formal names and all) and the shout own from that religious sect's own reporter, laughable attempts to rattle sabers with Iran, Harriet Miers being shoved asided, Scotty Boy crying like a sissy during his resignation, Rove slinking off into the dark recesses of the West Wing, Ken Mehlman getting roped into the Ring-a-Dope voting scandal while on the WH payroll, Libby threatening to throw everyone and everything under a big ass bus, sky-rocketing gas prices, all the retired generals finally growing enough balls to out themselves as Rummy haters, CIA bigwigs stating unequivocally that the Bushies and WHIG cherry picked intel on Iraq, immigration reform blowing up like a motherfucker and resulting in possibly millions of newly registered brown and yellow people who hate the backstabbing Republican majority, and creeps with major cases of short-eyes infesting our Department of Homeland security- I'm just a bit overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed with complete giddiness.

Giddiness that my gut instinct about that stoopid mutherfucker occupying the White House being a complete waste of space was right. About the fact that he is an empty shell being propped up by other empty shells. About the fact that Americans are better than what we have been being the last 6 years.

The Bushies do not identify with normal Americans. They don't know what it takes to put dinner on the table, or to even gas up a fucking car these days. They forget that we are a private lot. We value our dignity and our privacy. And though we may be generous, we are not easy marks. We don't like being bent over and fucked in the ass by the guys we elect who turn out to be beholden only to special interest groups who care only about dividends and stock-splitting.

It's incomprehensible to most of us that the outgoing CEO of Exxon will receive $400,000,000.00 for raping the environment, supporting an unnecessary war and bankrupting our national treasurery and our personal pocketbooks. We think TomKat is stooopid for naming their kid Suri because that kid will get teased mercilessly by kids with normal names like Bill or Ted or Susie or Michelle. We think spending $300K for a trip to the wilds of Africa is insane. We see that as college tuition for our kids (or ourselves), or a house, or a chance to work for ourselves instead of the asshole who now signs our checks. Yeah. We just don't identify with dumbasses who waste our efforts.

We're tired of the "look at the fuzzy monkey" game and we want some answers as to why we're in debt and our collective asses are sore.

Personally I am glad to see it. I'm a bit pissed it took 6 years, but at least it's happening now. I have always believed in how good, how benevolent Aemricans can be when others are faced with adversity. I remember the May 3rd tornado and 9-11 and how people helped out. I remember the Tsunami and how many took off from their lives to fly half way around the world to help people they didn't even know. I have always believed in that part of America, but, admittedly, that belief was sorely tested these last 6 years.

I just hope its never tested again.


Blogger Emptyman said...

We get the government we deserve. There is very little about the current political situation that comes as a surprise to those of us who actually paid attention when the half-wit was running for president back in 2000. I'm a little surprised by how willingly the Congressional GOP has surrendered all power, responsibility, and dignity to Bush, but otherwise he is doing precisely what he said he would do when he ran for office. To everyone who voted for him then but doesn't like him now: what in the fuck did you think you were voting for? He said he was going to bankrupt the government and starve the poor so his rich friends could keep more of their money. He said he was going to do anything and everything to the benefit of Big Oil. He said he would rape the environment and kowtow to evangelical extremists whenever possible. So what's the big surprise now?

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