March 23, 2006

Balls of the Week Award #6- Split Three Ways

I say split three ways because there are three of them- Dixie Chicks, that is.

The Chicks are back with a new album dropping May 23rd, 2006. And if the 1st release is any indication: IT'S A DOOZY.

Listen here to "I'm Not Ready To Make Nice." Well-written, well-produced, and a passionate message about the Dubya debacle. I'm proud of Martie and Emily for sticking by Natalie and her First Amendment rights.

Rick Rubin produced it and true to his reputation, he pulled something from these women that translates into, well, balls. Super-trimendous, pendulous, loud, brass balls.

Hoo-fuckin'-ray. Buy it. Listen to. See them this Summer at a venue near you.


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