March 10, 2006

I *Heart* Sandra Day O'Connor

She whooped the asses of the Justice Sunday bunch including "Tommy Boy" DeLay, "Lobbyists First" Frist, and John "My Middle Name is Hypocrite" Cornyn for attacking the very fundaments of our democratic system and pushing us towards a dictatorship. She is (as Snoop would say) the shnizzle. I have one regret, however, SHE DID IT AFTER SHE LEFT THE BENCH.

If she would have only said it earlier, maybe we wouldn't have the Bobsey Twins of the Christian Right Wingnut Brigade (henceforth "CRWB") sitting in prime postions which are essential to our democracy and assaults on Roe that are already occuring in South Dakota, Mississippi, Oklahoma , Tennessee and other backasswards states.

I guess it's better late than never. I still love it when people speak truth to power and have some common fucking sense.


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