January 27, 2006

The Greenberg Traurig "Payola" and Dubya- The Jack Connection

I started this yesterday and have tried to get some better bloggers than myself to raise this torch but with no luck. Here goes:

1. Jack Abramoff was part of the Bush Transition team for the Department of the Interior. The same department that oversees tribal gaming.

2. Jack leaves the Bush transition team to work for the law firm Greenberg Traurig in January 2001.

3. Greenberg Traurig had just devoted major resources to the Bush Campaign in the Florida Recount.

4. The Bush campaign ran up a major league legal bill which has still not been fully paid.

5. According to my research at least $314,000 is still unpaid at this time, but GT's income has more than quadrupled.

6. Jack's work for GT involved Indian tribes and its that "work" that has led to his guilty pleas in bilking the tribes of millions upon millions of dollars.

7. Jack's best friend at his former lobbying firm Preston, Gates & Ellis was David Safavian who was arrested in September '05 for corruption charges related to his job as the head of government procurement for the General Services Administration. Notably, Safavian's appointment by Bush had at one time been held up by Bob Byrd whom I bitch about below.

8. Jack and David worked on the Northern Mariana Islands bit with Tom DeLay which resulted in an ill-timed criminal investigation which was halted only after the US Attorney was demoted. Curiously, this happened right after US Attorney Black sent a subpoena inquiring into some of Abramoff and DeLay's dealings on the islands.

9. In 1997, then Governor of Texas George Bush wrote a letter on behalf of Jack's client the Commonwealth of NMI. Jack billed the Commonwealth for Bush's letter.

10. Jack's assistant, Susan Ralston, went to work for Karl Rove. She's been subpoenaed in the Plamegate- CIA Leak case.

See, these are just part of the links between Bush and Jack, so it is complete and utter bullshit that Bush says there's no story. It's also hogwash that Dubya gave back only 6K of money he claims was connected to Jack. So far, the tab is over half a million bucks. 100K pioneer status in both elections plus the 300+K from GT in inkind donations of legal services. It sounds like payola to me.

If I were David Gregory I'd start looking for photos from the Texas governor's mansion and FOIA the call logs while Bush was governor. There's some serious shit there I'd bet.


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