December 13, 2005

A Sorta Balls of the Week Award

I saw this late, and it sorta counts as Pelosi having balls ('cept she still works with the GOP on the ethics complaint moratorium, thusly, shutting down any ethics investigations by the House committee owned lock, stock and barrel by the GOP).

I especially like the parts wherein it says:

Whereas the Republican Leadership's submissiveness to the influence of corporate interests, and their illegitimate efforts to overturn the will of the House to pass flawed legislation like the Prescription Drug bill, which was written to meet the needs of drug companies, call into question the legitimacy of the laws they enact and the agenda they pursue;
Whereas the culture of corruption has so permeated the Republican Leadership that they will violate their own Rules and the customs and decorum of the House to win votes on the floor of the House of Representatives;

Therefore, be it resolved that:

The House denounces the culture of corruption exhibited by the Republican Leadership, denounces the ongoing resort to illegitimate actions taken to pass legislation like the Prescription Drug bill under false pretenses, rejects the practice of improperly holding votes open beyond a reasonable period of time for the sole purpose of circumventing the will of the House, and directs the Speaker to take such steps as necessary to prevent any further abuse."

Good stuff.

I also have to hand it to her for bitching about Hastert's attempt to stop the hemoragging in the Majority leadership position once held by Tommy "I'm A Fucktool" DeLay and try to keep it open long enough for DeLay to get thru his trial for money laundering out of the way. If the House reconvenes and DeLay's trial isn't done, the GOP house members will force a vote by sending a letter with 50 majority party signatures calling for a new election on DeLay's now vacant leadership post. DeLay's obviously strong arming Hastert to "delay" (teehee) the House's return as long as possible, lest he lose the position to someone else. I wonder if it has to do with the $81,750 bucks Hastert took off of Jack Abramoff and DeLay's buddies? Think there's some influence peddling and blackmailing going on? Ronnie Earle obviously does 'cos he's issuing subpoenas for bank records related to "Duke" Cunningham's bribery case and appealing the conspiracy charge dismissal.

Oh, did I mention that SCOTUS is taking a hard look at the Texas redistricting plan that got DeLay into hot-water with Ronnie Earle's office?

This baby is about to break wide open. Pelosi is just giving Hastert a way out. If he's smart he'll take it and hope the new GOP House leadership protects his sorry, flabby, white ass.


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