December 13, 2005

Like Shame Will Make BushCo. Do Their Jobs....

If I were George Bush or any limp dicked member of Congress, I'd be squirming right now. Some enterprising former New Orleans residents/ newly homeless put together an online donation campaign to raise $10K to pay for a full page ad in Roll Call, a prominent Washinton D.C. insider newspaper. Here are some quotes:

"Since the breakdown of the New Orleans flood protection system on August 29, 2005, we have lived like refugees in our own country....."

"The residents of Lakeview and countless other displaced New Orleans communities are sending you this holiday wish in one voice - 'We want to go home.' "

This is what most of us of the "younger" generation would term being called out or dissing.

I am conjecturing on whether to send Bush and members of Congress 1) testicular implants, 2) cups, 3) brown paper bags, or 4) razors blades. Vote now for your favorite.


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