November 29, 2005

Joe Lieberman is a Dork Asshole

Sometimes in the morning while I get ready for court, I turn on CNN. If politics are on (and they usually are these days) I can get my creative invective boiling and be pumped and primed for court. This morning was no different. My catalyst this morning was Joe Lieberman, one of the least inspiring, least intelligent Senators ever to "grace" the Hill. He is also the prime reason in my mind why Al Gore lost in 2000. Joe Lieberman's crime this morning?

Joe Lieberman admitted on CNN this morning in a live interview that Al Queda moved from Afghanistan to Iraq.

It's a fairly obvious statement, but he used it as a reasoning for staying the course in Iraq:

"Hey, guys, they're over here now! Quick get your gun!"

In doing so, however, he artfully skipped over the obvious point that by beating (and I use that term loosely) Al Queda out of Afghanistan and creating the problem of porous borders in a fairly centrally located, unregulated location by invading Iraq needlessly, we created a safe haven for AQ. If Saddam Hussein were still in power, AQ would not have the opportunity to train, kill American soldiers and poke a sharp stick in our eye for all of the Middle East (and world) to see. In essence, he neglected (or refused) to say we aided and abbetted the very people we are trying to destroy in their survival and subsequent expansion by opening up Iraq to them like an All-U-Can Eat buffet at a Fatty Support Group meeting.

We are creating generations upon generations of future terrorists and anti-American muslims. We are stuck doing so because assholes like Joe Lieberman refuse to use their fucking brains. What did he really expect? That Al Queda would just pack up its crayons and give up hating Americans and their allies (including the Israelis) by going into Afghanistan and blowing a few mud huts to smithereeens? Come on. No one's that incredibly stooopid.

(Oh, more.)

Joe Lieberman is a disgrace. If he were truly supporting US national security policies, he'd stop carrying water for BushCo and Israeli interests. He'd start speaking up about the bungling of our policies with China and our skyrocketing national debt. Sure, I believe him to be a serious man but I believe he has insincere intentions. Often his involvement or voice on an issue seems rooted in his own re-election efforts or his own religious beliefs. You can't protect Ken Lay with one hand and use the other to shout your disdain for crime. And you can't say you're pro-family (whatever the hell that means) when you support the uprooting and deaths of thousands in Iraq for a more secure Israel.

[As an aside: I agree with his previous statements about the need for a lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace and that the problem isn't the Palestinians per se but the terrorists who seek to divide peoples. He's right about that. It's the only pertinent way to attempt a lasting peace that protects a Zionist state; however, invading Iraq isn't a good way to do it. In fact, it's the worst possible way of accomplishing that very endeavor.]

The only way to fix our credibility problems, protect our national security interests (which do not necessarily involve Israel), and save lives is by getting out of Iraq quickly and taking the Haliburton owned security forces with us. Shooting at civilians and training Shiite troops to kills Sunnis is really, really bad PR. Karen Hughes, Lieberman and every other neo-con Bush apologist out there should know that. In a war that has been repeatedly sold as being about human rights and national security, Lieberman seems more worried about Big Oil and the safety of a sovereign nation which he does not represent. I say what about the safety of Americans and innocent Iraqis?

"Smokin' Pole" Joe ought to shut the hell up and let the Feingolds and Murthas of the world take care of national security since he cannot be honest. He ought to stick to rating video games for the other dorks out there.


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