September 15, 2005

My Comments to Sen. Coburn Today

Dear Senator Coburn,

I have four complaints:

1. The fake crying during the opening of the Roberts' hearings this week.
2. The crossword puzzle during the hearings.
3. Voting Nay on a bipartisan commission to look into the response to Katrina yesterday.
4. And the fact your staff answers your senate office phone with "Dr. Tom Coburn's Office."

Your inability to follow the rules of the senate by foregoing "free advertising" coupled with your disdain for the seriousness of the Roberts confirmation hearings is embarrassing. Further, your frequent water carrying for the Bush administration and the GOP does not make me or my family feel more secure. There should have been a bipartisan committee on the Katrina response, but you helped kill that yesterday by toeing the party line. I now fear what the federal government will do when there is a terror attack especially since it couldn't get this right with so much advance notice. Will the next M. Atta send a note to let us know of the next attack? No reasonable person would think so. Your actions imply you think they will.

If you wish to appear like you "don't play politics as usual" maybe you should start by voting for the right policies and actions instead of partisan stonewalling.... And maybe pay attention during one of the most important hearings of our lifetime.

It would be a start.


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