August 05, 2005

Time to Make Some People Mad

I think it's bullshit that non-military types are supposed to roll over and grant the crown of supreme knowledge to any old asshole who ever received an LES and the GI Bill. I can respect service in the military just as much (but not more) as I respect the job a guy at Burger King who flips my burgers. If it is a job well-done, then wonderful. If not, why are you wasting the time and money of someone else?

I've got a theory on the origin of this extortion ring and why so many people buy into it or just don't speak up against it. It goes something like this:

There are and were poor schmucks who couldn't get out of the draft. They were poor, or too stupid (or poor) to go to college, or not politically connected enough to get a Congressman involved on their behalf or they couldn't fake an anal cyst. They resented going over and were forced to do things they wouldn't do if they weren't ordered to or hadn't fallen into the Lord of the Flies mentality. The resented those who dodn't go and got to go to school and protest the war. Those who didn't go felt guilty knowing their number was called and they got out of it because of money, influence, college or successfully faking anal cysts. Call it survivor's guilt if you will. Some would feel less than manly in some instances which will later lead to them being overly macho and chickenhawkish (see George W. Bush and Rush Limbaugh).

The poor schmucks who went to war returned unfortunately to a poor political climate wherein the poor schmucks were attacked as the problem rather than recognized as the collateral damage of the chickenhawks looking to solidify their bank accounts and verify publicly they had penises. The PS's were hurt and rightfully, and eventually angry. They now lead the charge proclaiming that those of us against the Iraq war are anti-soldier (which BTW is absolutely not true and if I hear it again, I may start beating the holy shit out of some of them). They have missed the proverbial boat in going after the anti-war types, projecting their long held animus against the protesters rather than the chickenhawks who play fast and loose with the lives of innocents.

The protesters feel guilty about not having gone, but most of their guilt is borne of the middle class guilt they already have because they recognize how good they have got it when they do nothing and are nothing. Instead of redirecting a conversation about the war in Iraq away from the ad hominem attacks and the feints of ad hominem attacks which target their longheld middle class guilt, they cave in and say "I support the troops," "military service is honorable."

Fuck you both. Fuck you bonehead servicemen and vets for being stupid in the first place and not having the damn sense to understand what makes you tick and why you feel this hatred (try instrospection sometime fucktards). And fuck you, you pussyass hippy types who feel guilty about your Volvos and your kids' Ranger Rovers out there in the 'burbs. Call a spade a spade. The 60's protesters went too far in attacking returning soldiers. They should apologize for screwing up the message in their zeal to be more protesterly than the next schmuck. The jarheads need to apologize for 3+ decades of emotional extortion and for questioning the patriotism of the protesters.

Now, with all that said, I direct both of your collective asses to the real root of the problem- the chickenhawks with the tiny peenies. I think Jesus' General's Operation Yellow Elephant is perfect. If the College Republicans or NASCRA types want to support this bullshit, misguided war in Iraq, they need to sign up rather than try to get Boy Scouts who are loosing their troop leaders like flies and poor black kids from the city to do it for them. The chickenhawks are the problem. Pure and simple. Take their asses out.

I don't think our men and women's lives should be wasted and I think this war was utter crap from it's inception in 1999/2000. That doesn't mean I hate our troops, but it doesn't mean I am giving a blank check to any emotional extortionist out there who wants to take a swipe at me either. It's a bad war and a terrible waste of human lives and property. Soldiers do a job just like I do. Neither of us deserve respect because of our job descriptions, but should earn it by how we do our job.

Oh, one more thing. The Lyndie England's of this world do more to demoralize our troops and put them in harm's way than I ever can by my bitching about this war on this blog or in my hometown. Say anything to the contrary and you can kiss my white ass.

I'll even shave a spot for 'ya.


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