July 25, 2005

Janice Dickinson Is a Slag Bimbo and a Complete Waste of Oxygen

I watch reality TV. Yes, really. I do. I'm not even embarrassed by it anymore. But then again, I still like Disco and glam bands.

So....I am catching up on the latest installment of Surreal Life and this season stars one slag bitch named Janice Dickinson. If you looked up "cunt" in Webster's, you'd find her picture and a warning sign that reads "AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!" Yes, she is horrid.

And a hypocrite.

For a woman that keeps reminding people that she is a mother or has kid(s) or needs to call said kid(s) she sure does a lot of publicly slutty things like:

1. Kiss/grope Jose Canseco.
2. Talk about previous conquests.
3. Allude to her sexual prowess.
4. Sleep with a cameraman for the show and cause him to get fired.

AND if I have to hear that she was the original supermodel one more goddamn time, I may have to go to Haiti, learn voodoo, and start running over Janice Dickinson dolls that I have dragged through cat boxes.

She was a fucking model for crissakes, unimportant in every way other than if you lived at Studio 54 and wanted to say you banged a model (which based on her behavior, I think she was banged by everyone) or if you own stock in Botox. She is not creative, not intelligent and frankly, makes me think she may be retarded (it's that lazy eye thing left over from the last plastic surgery). She was on a 3rd rate reality TV show (America's Top Model) and now is on a reality show that openly makes fun of hasbeens like herself. She needs to stop being so self-important and self-involved. She needs to stop breathing. She is wasting perfectly good oxygen for comparatively smart people like.....Dubya.

I feel sorry for her kids and I never thought I would say this- I feel sorry for Omarosa. (I mean seriously, how fucking bad do you have to be for people to feel sorry for Omarosa????)

Janice Dickinson, grow the fuck up and try to age gracefully. We're sick of your bullshit and your plastic-filled face.


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