June 13, 2005

Top 10 Desert Island Song Picks

So I saw a post by some people I know whose site I will no longer post to, but have to visit for professional reasons. So the post was intriguing. It was something about Top 10 Songs (not albums, but songs) would you want on a desert island if you could have something to play them on and if you could narrow the list to just 10? So, now that I (like 93 million other Amer-kans) am waiting for the Michael Jackson verdict, I figured I'd post my list here. It's not as tough as you think even if you like music like me.

For me the list (in no particular order) is as follows:

1. Summer Wind- Frank Sinatra
2. In Your Eyes- Peter Gabriel
3. Lose Yourself- Eminem
4. Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner- Iron Maiden
5. Something So Right- Annie Lennox version
6. Dig Down Deep- Marc Cohn
7. Photographs and Memories- Jim Croce
8. Superstition- Stevie Wonder
9. Baby, It's Cold Outside- Ray Charles & Nina Simone
10. Save The Last Dance For Me- The Drifters

***12 minutes to V- time: I think he's innocent. Let's see how he does.....


Anonymous Amber said...

How can you be stranded on a deserted island with no Jimmie Buffet...isn't that against the law or something?

12:40 PM  
Blogger Psychomotor Agitator said...

The Nixons rule!

6:27 PM  

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