May 11, 2005

NEWS ALERT!!!! There is a Democrat with Balls in D.C.

If I weren't married, I'd be on my knees asking Senator Harry Reid to marry my sorry white ass. Why? Because he has the biggest balls ever. And he's a Democrat. That, my friends, is a rare fucking animal.

I spent the better part of the morning watching Ted Kennedy blast Bush's Sucky Seven judicial nominees on CSPAN. He did a good job of framing why the Dems won't approve the Sucky Seven and how many Senate rules will have to be broken in 8 different ways just to eliminate the fillibuter rule, but he didn't walk into Frist house and bitchslap him like Reid did. He called out Bill Frist and called the preznit a sorry ass loser. And for weeks, he's been pointing out the Repugs behave like a bunch of spoiled brats (go figure- it's the private schools I tell you). He asked Bill Frist to call for the vote on the nuclear option and Frist has yet to do as he has been threatening. Instead he says it will be next week. And- now it is getting interesting because John McCain is trying to enter the fray and appear like he's a peacemaker in this deal and stating that Reid will back down. I call some serious bullshit on these dickheads. He's got no reason to relent in this game of political chicken.

First, Bill "Kitty Killer" Frist doesn't have the votes to end the age old fillibuster rule or he'd have done it already. So there's nothing for Reid to lose there.

Second, Frist doesn't want to pull out the nuclear option. He KNOWS it's a bad idea. He's being forced to by Karl Rove. Still nothing to lose there.

Third, this whole thing is a shill for the real reason they (read: White House) want the fillibuster gone- they want Clarence "Whitebread" Thomas or Nino Scalia to take over for Rhenquist and they'd never get the 60 votes on either of those guys. With the fillibuster alive they'd have to pick someone more moderate like O'Connor or Kennedy. Oh, heavens! That'd make those Christians real mad! And the more they scream, the better Reid and the Dems look. But seriously- it's bad enough they are on the Court, but as CJ????

Fourth, John McCain is a smarmy, pencil-dicked, fuck head with balls the size of maggots. He hates Bush but needs to get some mileage out of something soon so he can get back in the press if he stands a chance in '08. What's better than trying to look like a moderate compared to those damn liberals and the Republican extremists? In my world that's called bullshit. McCain wants a free ride and in return is selling out his so-called values (I would have voted for the fucker before but not now- I hope he rots in hell now for being a complete fucking sellout). Letting McCain hang himself is good for the Dems because it just proves that all GOPers are extremists in one way or another. Count that as mucho good come '06 for the Dems.

Fifth, Reid knows he can milk this for mileage. He's got the numbers on his side and after the Terry the Turnip and Tom DeLay epsiodes, Frist (who wants to be our next preznit) and the others Repugs are hurting image wise. They can't afford to look like the playground bullies.

Sixth, Dubya gets to take out all the people who might hurts Jeb's chances in '08 (Oh, I know he says he's not running, but if that were the case why are his pit bulls still attacking John Kerry and Hillary Clinton?). Why should Reid make the GOP's job easier? The GOPers that vote for this will have serious political baggage when they go up for re-election and that will be a good thing for all Dems.

And Seventh (Get it??? One reason for each of the Sucky Seven nominees), if the Repugs can keep this issue alive with Rev. "I See Spongebob's Ercetion"Dobson, they get more money/votes from their base and that's not so bad because everytime some asshole like Dobson, Robertson or Falwell opens their mouth, they make Dems look sooooooo much better. Not to mention saner.

Yes, Reid's got some seriously large nuts. But hell, with the polls on your side and the Republicans squandering political capital for Tommy Boy, Terry the Turnip and SS privitization, you would, too.

P.S. Chuck Hagel must be going through puberty because his appear to be dropping.


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I will run in 2012!

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