March 08, 2005

What's Wrong With The Sheep???

Truthfully, I'm pretty confused right now. It's like there's a malaise that has settled upon the land and for some reason no one is bitching about the new appointment of Mr. I-Hate-The-UN-Pray-For-It-To-Be-Bombed-Dickweed to be the newest ambassador to the UN for the United States. WTF?? That's like me being appointed to co-chair a brunch for the faith-based initiative assholes to honor Shrub and I have to pick out his plaque.

One would normally guess that by now the radio and news organizations would be all over this major faux pas, but there has hardly been one f-ing word on the subject. I've got a word for it: chutzpah. Shrub's got some major ass chutzpah appointing the US equivilent of David Duke to the board of the NAACP. You know, when we're in the middle of all these self-created wars and we're trying not to piss off Hezbollah too much, or Syria, or Iran or North Korea and we really need help from our traditional allies in the UN, it might help not to give them a redneck salute. I dunno- it' just a thought.

And here's another thought- why isn't the AARP getting off of it's sorry, wrinkly ass and shouting loudly that the Bush SS policy is complete crap??? I mean Bush has brought out the big guns and has authorized the spending of $40+ million bucks to advertise this (read: illegal propaganda here, folks) waste of paper and breath called the privitization of SS. A few weeks ago it was Rick Santorum. This week it was Chuck Hagel. He was all over the Sunday morning political talk-shows spreading the gospel according to Dubya in the same way 'ole Chuck spread Diebold machines thru Florida an Ohio.* I finally had to stop listening to Chuck's crap as I was about to vomit up my McDonald's hotcakes and sausage. It was the exact reaction I had to Ricky boy two weeks ago. Maybe Chuck was filling in for Ricky boy because Ricky just couldn't do it anymore.

Oh, but the lies.... The most amazing part was him telling all of those lies with a straight face. I cannot imagine how he did that with a straight face. Either there's a lot of money to be put in Chuck's pocket or he's been Stepfordized because there is no conceivable way anyone could lie so blatantly and keep form busting a gut laughing and say "psych, dude- was just kiddin'." Honestly, I keep waiting for Scott McClellan to say that, but instead he states the WH press pool is a an inclusive place. I guess he's tellin the truth (for once) if inclusive means venereal diseases may be spread indiscriminantly at $200 an hour.

Maybe that's the trick- just lie and keep lying no matter what happens.

What? There's a picture of George Bush drinking a beer at Kennebunkport while his dad is president? Nah. You're just imaging things.

What? There's proof George Bush was AWOL and it was covered up by Bush insiders? You're inchoots with that bastard Rather....and look what we did to him.

What? Military personnel say they were ordered by intel to torture people? Nah. It's a liberal media plot.

What? Ken Lay and his staff were given extra-special treatemnet and let in on secret energy policy meetings? WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA!!!???

What? Our guys in Afghanistan have kidnapped, tortured and murdered people and have just buried the bodies in the middle of the desert without a word to anyone? You are a pinko Commie bastard and should be shot for treason.

Eventually, the even sheep get tired of trying to figure out fact from fiction. And in this administration truth is stranger than fiction.

* Sen. Chuck Hagel has been linked to possible ethics violations for owning stock in the parent shell company that owns Diebold Electronics which manufactures the electronic voting machines now placed in hotly contested swing states such as Florida and Ohio at the expense of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. Diebold was also at the center of the controversy involving a security glitch in the Georgia election that possibly cost Max Cleland his elected position. Cleland was leading in the polls by a significant percentage prior to the election but miraculously lost giving the Republicans a slim majority in the Senate. An open portal for the Diebold security/tabulating software was discovered online after the election board had approved the initial software.


Blogger The Lawlinebacker said...

Why do you hate America?

Just kidding....

I'd lay odds that the soldiers at Abu Gharib were not "ordered" to do the things they did.

Likely scenario, they're bored, no one's watching, let's mess with the prisoners a bit. Did some spooks visiting encourage it? Maybe "inferred" it, but doubtful they told them exactly what to do.

4:23 PM  
Blogger The Raving Badger said...

I like what Truman said- "The buck stops here." The Bushies encourage abuse by their own actions. Bush loves to say he sees things in black and white, well, at least until Tom DeLay is involved. Abu Gharib was a product of that mindset which IMHO exists in the present intelligence community. Plus, since I wrote that post- Most Americans believe Bush intentionally lied to the US to get us into Iraq, and now we're finding out his buttboy, Bolton, was trying to get us into Iran (thank god for the British taking him out of the equation) and into Cuba (WTF???) with doctored intelligence. Explain the problem.

5:07 PM  

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