February 16, 2005

Hey Mister GayMilitaryHotStud.com, Ask a Question for Me

Okay, by now everyone has hopefully heard at least a glimmer about Jeff Gannon a/k/a James Dale Guckert a/k/a proprietor of hotmilitarygaystud.com, etc., etc. a/k/a Mr. Talon News/Christian Fundamentalist White House plant. Right? Well not so fast. As of yesterday, the only mainstream media outlet covering the story at all was The Houston Chronicle.

The whole damn Internet is a buzz about the mole in the White House Press room, but you won’t see this on Fox News. Seems a man offering his services as a gay escort on WorkingBoys.net used a fake name to secure a daily White House press pass from the President's men every day for TWO years so he could lift WH press releases and cut and post them to the fake news site he worked for funded by GOPUSA. Huh????? At the same time, he still had his profile up on the web offering his uh, hmmm talents for $200 an hour and $1,200 a weekend. Double huh????? (BTW- what man is worth that much an hour let alone a weekend?)

In an age of orange alerts, Abu Ghraib, Camp X-ray and other civil rights attacks, a free press is essential to our safety and ability to elect appropriate officials. The recent news of not one, not two, but three taxpayer paid journalists touting WH policies without telling their readers they were on the dole coupled with the fact that this man with a shady past was able to use a false name and get within just a few feet of the President with no problemo says something is sorely amiss in the WH. I would suspect it is integrity.

Look, when I am having a debate with someone and they have whipped my ass- I say, "Hey pal- you got me." The admission is earned by substance on the part of my opponent. These assholes, Scott McClellan, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Andrew Card and George Bush, don't believe they have to have any substance. They don’t have to play by the rules. They can just click their sequined little heals and make it so. So far, the mainsteam press proven them right.

I remember the days of Ari Fleischer being the WH Press Secretary. He lied openly and never blinked (that may be a medical condition- if so- I’m sorry Ari- see a doctor). But at some point- I dunno if it was because of his conscience or the fact that no one can continue to have any semblance of self-respect after dishing out made up shit everyday- he quit. He went elsewhere. In stepped sexy Scott (W's words not mine) who allowed Gannon/Guckert a daily press pass with no questions asked. Can we say DUMBASS??? And he then he has the audacity to lie about it! Can’t they just admit "Oops, we've been caught." No. They spin the story into "Why are you outing gays?" or my personal favorite- "Why do you hate America?"

It should be fucking obvious by now to all of you dumbass red staters that these guys do not care that they have been caught and certainly do not give two shits about democracy. Most sadly- neither do the other assholes in the mainstream press who were seriously fucked with by Gannon's very presence in the most powerful room in journalism.

I’m so disgusted all I can say is- Fuckers. Every single one of them. It's just getting harder and harder to tell who's the top, and who's the bottom.


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