January 25, 2005

Bush "Believes" in the Culture of Life

I am sitting here sniggering at the White House spokesman’s latest attempt to portray that spoiled motherfucker as having a sentient let alone empathetic bone in his little body. Learning how to pronounce two monosyllabic words and repeat them incessantly is not proof of valuing life. In fact, his record speaks volumes about the lives he "values:"

We know it's not the lives of the poor. He tends to cut their education, family planning, community outreach and subsidized housing programs. But wait, let's not stop there- he also takes away their votes through massive voting register purges and incarcerates them at a faster rate than any other president.

We know it's not the lives of women. He has done more to undercut the progressive gender relations atmosphere that once existed in Iraq. By invading a nation that at one time had the best educated, freest from religiously-based gender discrimination generation of women in the Arab world; he allowed religious fanaticism to enter a golden age in Iraq. He was warned repeatedly by human rights groups this could happen but alas, he didn't care. Thus, showing how misogynistic he really is. Further, by using the abortion debate in our country as a means to garner the votes of the busybody whackos I have already discussed, he has vilified entire legions of women who have had the unfortunate necessity to have an abortion. His rhetoric has signaled new attacks on abortion doctors and clinics, a decrease in funding for Planned Parenthood (odd because his father worked hard to increase their funding while in Congress) and new anti-choice marches as recent as this week. His Howdy Doody rhetoric about family values has resulted in an increase in violence against women such as rape and domestic abuse. They announce very loudly that murders and robbery have decreased last year, but conveniently leave out that it's open season on women. Wonderful.

We know it's not the lives of anyone who serves in our Armed Services. Three letters, anyone? You know WMD???? The one's that aren't there, weren't there and have cost us the lives of 1430 American soldiers since we invaded Iraq. Over 10,000 will have a lessened quality of lives due to their physical wounds and just how many are still committing suicide and/or exhibiting symptoms of PTSD? It's now so bad that our own soldiers are suing to get out of the service because the "stop-loss" program is keeping them in after their projected termination dates, but folks you won't see that reported here. You have to read an actual newspaper from the UK. Jeez.

And it's not the people of the South or his "home state" of Texas that voted for his sorry ass. Those states make up the bulk of the casualties both in Iraq and in the job market under his watch. I guess when there are no jobs available, and the education system sucks and you have no other hope of putting food on the table- signing up to be an Army of One doesn't seem so bad. Not at least until you're ducking bullets and mortars or killing an innocent person who just didn't understand the word "Stop!" because of a language barrier.

King George could care less about the 100,000+ Iraqi casualties in this conflict (it's still not a declared war the last time I checked). The countless number of enemy combatants locked away all over the world without an inkling of hope for due process. He could care less about the tsunami victims until the French and Germans made us look like a bunch of cheap bastards. (Eight freakin' million dollars??? That was the initial pledge.) He could care less about the children working in dangerous factories in Asia to make a cheaper pair of Nikes. And he could care less about our elderly who have toiled for 50+ years in an effort to retire only to find that they got fucked on the prescription drug bill, their property taxes, and now social security is next on the chopping block. He hates elderly women most because there's even talk about cutting their benefits more than men's just because they have the audacity to live longer.

George cares about keeping his head buried in the sand until it's time for the powers that be to trot him out for another photog. By his own admission he doesn't read the papers and only gets the "news" from his staff. It's easy not to care when you spend too much time and energy closing your eyes. Prisons and homeless shelters are filling up but he'll never see them unless it's to say he is "tough on crime" or a "compassionate conservative" in front of Bill O'Reilly and the Fox propaganda machine.

W is the face of the Republican Party and it's beginning to look like the Picture of Dorian Gray.


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