January 14, 2005

Howard Dean- Bringing Conviction and Voice to the DNC

So, there is this nasty rumor that major Dems don't want Dean as the chair of the DNC. I ask this- "why the hell not?" If it hadn't been for his crisscrossing the nation and shouting tripe when tripe was served, we'd be goose-stepping across the town square about now.

I saw him speak in October 2003 at the local college. He was amazing- he spoke with eloquence (not erudite eloquence mind you but a Populist eloquence), conviction and a very loud voice. That voice had to be pretty loud at the time because of so many people confusing patriotism with backing the Misleader of this nation. Howard Dean got it right- patriotism is speaking up when things are not going right. Patriotism is shouting fire as the Bushies set fire to the Bill of Rights. Patriotism is not goose-stepping across the town square.

I like Howard Dean. He got a great many of us Dems out of the closet and talking openly about the rush to war in Iraq, the Patriot Act, and the broken health care and education systems. He spoke about hope, about personal responsibility- things in which he truly believes. So he is short, balding and occasionally lets slip a really odd yell. Big deal. Up until that time, he was the odds on favorite to win the nomination and face Bush.

What happened? Well it wasn't the yell (that happened after Kerry beat him in the first primary where Dean placed 3rd). It wasn't a lack of message. His message was and still is the best. It wasn't a lack of vision. He certainly had more of it than Clark, Kerry, Sharpton (ever the opportunist), Edwards, etc.. And it wasn't money- he alone revolutionized the Internet campaign contributions racket. I think I know the answer- Democrats right now are the pussies who agree to moon the audience at graduation, but instead leave you alone with your pants down.

Terry McAuliffe has been a miserable failure. Hillary stands a less than zero chance because Midwesterners, Southerners, men AND women, well I'll just admit it- just about everyone hates her for being smart and having the nerve to speak up against the Repugs. There is no one else worth a damn that has invigorated the party like Dean. He's not a "liberal" but nor is a "conservative." He is a middle of the road patriot who is tired of seeing his country go down the shitter. Good for him. He's a lot like me.

I want the DNC to get smart and pick someone like me. Someone like most Democrats I know before they lose their nerve and keep their pants on. I think the DNC's present management likes people who keep their pants on because it means they can continue to fatten up. That's why the RNC kept losing to the Dems in the late 80's and 90's. Their management sucked. They wanted to remain on the sugar tit as my husband calls it. When they finally brought in some people with conviction (or convictions it depends on how you look at their criminal records)- it translated to the voters.

Dean can bring that to the party. Unless as I suspect it is just a party full of pussies.


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