February 01, 2005

I'm Going to Pull A Bush

I've been reading up lately on the state of the world. One thing that hit a nerve with me is the China-Iran-Oil-4-Missiles/Russia-Germany-France-Etc.-Gas-4-Influence/Venezula-Cuba-Screw-US-Contracts-4-Oil scams. It's not as if America isn't the greatest nation, right???? And that we defeated Communism, right??? Didn't we announce communism was defeated on November 9, 1989, right???


I cannot help the fact that I am semi-literate and read news more often than I watch "Bedtime for Bonzo." It's just striking that no one else is paying attention. I mean, it's not in the mainstream U.S. press. It's not going to be part of the State of the Union address of The Chimp in Chief. And it certainly will not be a topic of discussion in most homes at dinnertime. Mostly, no one is noticing. And what they are not noticing is scary.

In the simplest terms (in case Dubya landed here by mistake)- China gets oil from Iran who gets missiles and nuclear technology from China. Russia controls the majority of gas and oil exports to Europe (i.e. France, Germany, etc.) who have a veto on the UN Security Council that used to side with the US. Now, I'm not saying they're pussies who are afraid of that KGB tool, Putin, but if the tampon fits....I digress. These, ahem...pussies won't back us in any future coalitions that Putin doesn't want backed. Why? Because it gets really cold in the winter and going hungry for lack of electricity to cook and store food sucks. Got it so far?


Now, let's take the Venezuela-Cuba connection. It's freakier. The new Venezuelan President hates our sorry asses and has made it known that they no longer have to honor their oil contracts with Shell, Mobile, Exxon, etc.. Seeing how we get 15% of our crude from there, we ought to be kissing their asses. Not just because of the oil thing but because they are now propping up Castro as a wunderkind to the rest of South and Central America. There's nothing that breeds faster than gonorrhea in a pre-school when R. Kelly is around than Communism and poor uneducated countries who have been abused by the U.S..

Now do you get the picture? Scary, huh?

So right now, we've got most of our domestic terrorism fighting force strapped to Halliburton toilet seats in Iraq when these real threats are multiplying. And just where has Bush been in all of this? You guessed it- AWOL (but he has got a history of that hasn’t he?). Guess what his major push is to get us out of this potential morass? You guessed it- let's drill in Alaska! Screw R&D for non fossil fuel-based energy sources. Screw conservation. Let's slick up some baby seals and play bop the baloney.


We've got four more years of this, folks. And it's not getting better. I'm buying a sandbox on my way home from work tonight. You will find me doing my best Bush impersonation tomorrow- burying my head in the sand.


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