March 03, 2005

Alex, I'd Like The "Original" Pledge Please for $200

It's really irritating that so many sheep out there have no idea that the original pledge did not contain "under God." I mean really irritating like sand in your nether regions irritating. I bring it up because over the last couple of days we have heard a great deal about the divergent views regarding government and religion on the US Supreme Court. We've also seen the still photos and the video of middle-aged fat guys waving around paper Ten Commandments on the steps of SCOTUS.

I feel sorry for these schmucks- it's cold in D.C. and they feel very strongly that someone is picking on their God and that their little handmade signs will protect their itty-bitty god from the likes of heathens like me. I've got news for you fellows- you fucking wish.

I don't have any designs on your god. He's your god, if he's got a cute ass, enjoy it all you want, but don't ask me to pay for the room service bill. He's your god and if he's as big, bad and mighty as you shout, then I don't think the removal of ten (10) lines of mostly good advice is going to cause all of existence to cease in a flash of light (well unless it's Bush's god who's doing the flashing).

Go to your church, pray to your god, but stop interfering with the conduct of government. The arguments that this country was "founded" on Christianity and that the word god appears in certain basic documents are not prima facie evidence that the Framers wanted religion to mix with government. Au contraire! Actually- there's prima facie evidence they didn't- it's called the Establishment Clause. And there's no fucking proof that churches should get a free ride from the tax man- Madison (a devout fisher himself) was leaning towards the churches paying taxes.

Every time one of these damn Pledge suits or Ten Commandments cases gets filed it results in the waste of some really valuable time and money. SCOTUS gets so busy hearing lawsuits commenced because some cracker school board decided not to display the Creche at the holidays, that they can't take a death penalty case or civil rights abuse case in its place. Every dime the AG's office has to spend defending a stupid monument in the middle of a Texas park is another dime that could have been spent on education or healthcare. We have more important issues than your wooden cross. There are real lives at stake, and you're stealing their spotlight.

Besides the obvious waste of resources that results from these Constitutional violations- another thing I find annoying is: no one said the damn things were bad- they just said you can't post them on public land or post them using public dollars. There's a difference you stupid, selfish motherfuckers. And did you for once ever think that the display of the Commandments might be a technical violation of the Second Commandment (unless you're Catholic BTW)? And did you ever wonder why there are different sets of Commandments for different religions and wonder if you are displaying the correct one? Or how about the weird thing with the Sabbath- which is the 7th day- Thursday, Saturday or Sunday????? (Personally I'd be okay with a 3 or 4 day weekend. You know, just to make sure I'm noting pissing anyone's god off or anything.)

Realistically- this whole argument in support of "under god" and some goofy tablets is really about some people feeling weak and oppressed (or they're really bored busybodies). When there are so many things out there truly deserving attention, don't you all kind of feel silly bitching about having to take a granite monument out of a courthouse? You should.

So I say unto thee, Scarecrow- if your god needs protecting from me- maybe you need a bigger god. Or a bigger brain.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fear is the issue. They are worried that their mundane boring lives of going through step 1.. step 2.. step 3.. and then death is all there really is. They need a symbol to show there is an after life, and by "dog" they want it on public land. And most of them believe that their god will give them a bigger slice of pie in the afterlife for there martyrdom. That when they get to the pearly gates he(or she) will say hey there Billy Ray.. step on up.. and here is a little more for all of your efforts. Its ironic as most peoples opinion of heaven is a utopia and to say that you will end up with a "better" utopia is sort of like the mathematical equation of infinity plus one. It has no value. Personally..I just try to treat everyone right and have a couple of beers. And dont mention the crabs.. they are my friends.

4:52 PM  
Blogger The Raving Badger said...

I sure do miss you. When are you coming to town?

You're right about fear and the afterlife, but really it's more fundamental than that- these dumb fucks really think they are entitled to tell the rest of us what to do and that they can run roughshod over the rest us regardless of the well-settled rules because they're "chosen." Then there's also that bit about proselytizing that many denominations ascribed to and leading the heathens to the Kingdom of Heaven. Well, what if your idea of heaven is a big juicy steak and a nice cab sav? I know mine is- does that mean I get free meals at Del Frisco's for the rest of eternity if I put a Precious Moments nativity scene in my yard in December? I don't think so, and I don't think they think so either, but they enjoy acting like they do.

5:03 PM  

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