April 29, 2005

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

The fuckwad is lying, lying, lying. I tried to watch the press conference last night, but that smug sonuvabitch just kept, well, you know---- lying. And mispronouncing words. [It's "NUCLEAR" you turd muncher!!!! Oh, and what the fuck was the problem with Syria???] And so I found myself shouting at the TV set and almost throwing my Quizno's at it. It was at that exact moment (which BTW coincided with my husband threatening to take me to the local loony bin) that I just changed channel. I had to. Watching Georgie Poo smile to himself anytime he got a polysyllabic word past his lips was excruciating.

BUT....And this is a big but......it was also satisfying. George doesn't do press conferences. Hell, he can't do a debate without being wired for sound. And it was oh sooooo apparent that he had been coached on his recent visit to Crawford. The man can't put two words together unless he's been coached and the only reasons an egotistical assmunch like him would ever be willing to be coached are when he's running scared and he knows his agenda (and poll numbers) are failing. And you can check both of those boxes.

George Bush's second term is turning into a dreadful disaster, and voters are turning against him and his agenda. I'm not the only one who thinks he's a liar. If he's going to fulfill all of his campaign promises to the big donors, he has to get his agenda through by going directly before the American people and getting them to buy his bullshit. After all, it's not his intelligence, his commitment to public service, or his diplomatic skills that got him the job. It's his cult of personality.

I can even admit that George Bush at first glance seems like an okay kinda guy, but he's just not presidential material. As I was listening to the first part of the news conference in the car on NPR, for whatever reason it hit me: this man has never done anything for anybody else in his life unless there was something in it for him. He's never been an activist. He's never been a leader in his community as far as actually trying to better the lives of others. Oh, I am sure his name has been on the letterhead of a few organizations, but that's not the same as being part of the roots of the organization. You know- actually giving a shit.

Anyone with half a pedigree or a large bank account can get their name on something. It takes selflessness to actually DO something. And that's not an attribute he possesses (nor appreciates). But he does have a likeability factor that John Kerry didn't necessarily possess. That likeability factor I believe is predicated upon being as dumb (or dumber) than most voters. Now, the voters are thinking twice about drinking the Kool-Aid. Voters are now catching onto what his detractors have said all along- he's a mean bully.

It came as no real big surprise last night when he called embattled UN ambassador nominee "Free Mustache Rides Here"Bolton "blunt" and then identified with him. Bush is too dumb to realize that blunt doesn't rule out choice descriptions like antagonistic, heavy-handed, psychopath, etc.. Also he failed to realize that voters still won't like Bolton even if he's say Bolton's like him. One- they aren't liking him so much, and Two- Bolton has horrible choices in grooming.

The one thing Dubya didn't say he had in common with Bolton was a huge ego. An ego the size of the Permian Basin that allows him to run roughshod all over everyone else who doesn't concede his greatness. In a nutshell, he doesn't think his shit stinks.

Last night Dubya's shit stunk. It stunk with the lies about OPEC pushing prices up and causing high gas prices not the oil companies selling us $3 a gallon gasoline (if that were true why did Exxon Mobil have a 44% rise in its profits last quarter? and Shell?), he lied about the UN needing reform and Bolton being the man for the job (that's like saying Adolph Hitler should be in charge of Passover services. Truth: Bush is still pissed they didn't rubberstamp Iraq), he lied about SS needing privitization to keep afloat (how about stop raiding it for big Halliburton contracts, dickweed?) and that recipients could buy T-Bills (there have been times in recent months when the government couldn't issue T-Bills because we have too much outstanding national debt), and he lied about working hard to keep us out of war (he's still antagonizing Iran and North Korea). Mostly, he just lied about having a handle on things and working hard. His trips to Crawford are to bone up for press conferences and to have man dates with Saudi oil royalty.

George Bush is doing everything he said he wouldn't do. He's abusing his office and our trust. And he's doing exactly what I won't do here: He's pissing on our backs and telling us it's raining. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who's bought an umbrella recently.


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You are exactly right!! Your rant is the same way that many of us feel but would never say. Thanks.

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