April 25, 2005

Scratch That....And Reverse It

The GOP is running backwards. No, they're not working on their ass muscles (besides that just means they are flapping their lips or Jeff Gannon's around for the 201st day). They are trying to distance themselves from the extremist views which they have publicly courted, and the ever growing train wreck which is Tom DeLay's political career. (Oh, Tommy. You screwed the pooch didn't you? Poor, poor Tommy. Didn't you realize you can't stand at the pulpit with your pants around your ankles with Jack Abramoff sucking you off while shoving greasy $100 bills in your wife's cootch? It's just not very polite. Or smart. You dumbass. You stoopid fucking dumbass. No one has friends in D.C.. Not even the Hammer....)

Speaking of friends- Bill Frist and Rick Santorum have both been backing away real fast from DeLay and some of his cronies' more vexatious statements which ostensibily support killing judges who don't see Jesus' way. It would be nicer if they apologized to Michael Schiavo for the mean things they said about him and how they used his wife's plight to raise money for their '08 election aspirations, but that would assume either of these dickheads had consciences. These guys went too far and the polls have been proving that. Karl Rove and DeLay told 'em "Go for it! It's a great issue and we'll make money off these loony religious bastards." They believed the memo and did raise a lot of money, but hell, what good is money when their reelection polls are bad (or not just bad- worse than Arnie's and Hillary's)? Can we say "idiots?"

Okay- it's apparent they are major idiots because they bought into the Rovian politics of courting the "right to lifers" because of their deep pockets and presumed passion (e.g. this would translate into money and votes out the yin yang). Thing is- it's not happening. And it won't happen anytime soon (if ever again) because they're turning against their saviors. Now, they look like extremists themselves because they have aligned themselves with the likes of Randall Terry and Bo Gritz ("It Rhymes with Rights!") and Tom DeLay who is so fucking ass backwards that he can't understand why a Supreme Court Justice would use the Internet to work. (No, Tommy, it's not all about donkey fucking- there is actual content out there besides that which makes your pecker drip).

For the first time, DeLay, Frist, Ricky boy, Bush, etc. sense defeat on many issues and are running back to high ground. They are the fleeing rats on the sinking ship that is the GOP. This signifies a massive hemmorage of money and support, and with a major election roughly 18 months away, things could go from bad to up a shit creek without a paddle PDQ. And I think they're stepping in the creek right now.

How bad? It's so bad, even Dumya can see the writing on the wall and flee town. A quick look at the latest news shows the GOP floundering: Bush's number's are down, gas prices are way up and SUV sales are dropping, the filibuster fight has become one about parsing words and accusing the Dems of mislabeling the attack on procedure, no one likes SS privitization (BTW-have they even released a plan yet???), the religious nuts are going bonkers over stem cell research and making asses of themselves to kids buying Dilly Bars, Iraq sucks a big, wet donkey dick, and that mad Village Person- Bolton is looking less and less like a viable nominee to the UN. And thankfully for cynics like me, there is no end of bad news in sight.

Yep. I bet they wish they could scratch that.... and reverse it.


Blogger Shay said...

I am not a Geaorge supporter or a republican but I am one of those "religious nuts" I think is what you called us.

Anyway, I Technoratied stem cell research (that's how I found you) and found that most of the blogs were written by people FOR stem cell research, trying to justify their position in irrational ways...they got their way here in California...I am funding research I don't agree with and I have no choice in the matter.

This is the problem with liberalism...they get their way and they still go on and on about it. It's the same thing with abortion...they still picket the right to have an abortion. HELLO!! You can have one...just go do it!!!

"Religious Nuts" didn't get their way so I can understand them making a fuss about it.

BTW - you sure do have a potty mouth. : )


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