May 24, 2005

Ain't Nobody Happy If Momma's Not Happy

So yesterday, John McCain and a couple of other not-worthies hammered together a deal about Bush's Sucky Seven and the fillibuster. There will be a vote for most of them, but not all. Saad's still going to be sucking wind due to a bad FBI report. It's not the best deal for either side, but it will have to work. I think I would have taken the chance on them voting on the nuclear option. I don't think the Repugs had the votes, but this will work- for now.

All the other blogs and news sites are popping with complaints about the Republicans entering into this agreement with the Democrats. Reverend "I'm a Fag, Yer a Fag, Wouldn't you Like to Be A Faggot Too?" Dobson is pissed. His rage is palpable. His ire is raised and damnit, he's not giving you guys anymore money until you lose those limp wrists. He's taking you out because you didn't deliver a SCOTUS opportunity of a lifetime- the right to invade other people's bodies without paying the $20 bucks. Whaa-fucking-whaaaaaa.

I saw this quote and to me it proves how stoo-pid these assholes are:

"Under this agreement it is now more likely that radical social change will continue to be forced on the American people by liberal courts committed to same sex marriage, abortion on demand and hostility to religious expression. The Republicans who lent their names to this travesty have undercut their President as well as millions of their most loyal voters. Shame on them all."- Gary Bauer former Presidential nominee

Radical change? Forcing people to commit to their will. Sorry, Charlie- sounds like the Bill Frist fillibuster plan. And at least get your facts straight. Like I have pointed out before: there is no anti-Christian agenda. I would know if there were secret meetings because someone would want my sorry white ass there to strap a flatulence bomb to me right before the Baptist Easter pagent. Look, build a monument to a dead guy if you want. Just don't do it on public land with public money. Don't be a cheap ass mutherfucker. You can afford it after long days spent oppressing the rest of us at the gas pumps and hiding your money offshore. Buy a few acres and some sticks and a rope and build one of them hangy things. It's still a free fucking country. And for the record, the only reason I am against evangelical Christian expression is because these busybody whiners piss me off and waste my time with their Chicken Little, Woe Is Me antics. If they'd shut the fuck up, I'd never bitch about them.

And as far as same sex marriage. WTF? First, homos are bad because they're promiscuous and suck off lots of different people, but now that they want to remain mongomous and seal the contract with a kiss, they're bad because they cheapen marriage???? Sorry, if the logic escapes me. It's just bullshit bigotry. I look at straight married folks and see some sick ass sons of bitchs. There Liz Taylor, Donald Trump and his teenie bopper of the week, then there's Newt Gingrich who left a dying woman, that doctor who fucked his wife in the ass against her wishes (who doesn't like the morning after pill BTW), Roger Stone and his swinger ads....Look, I do divorce work. A lot. Straight people cheapen marriage enough on their own, Jane and Jill, or Jack and Bill won't cause any further problems. And believe it or not, they might actually teach the rest of us breeders how to do it with a little panache.

And now we get to the big one that really pisses me off and makes me want to scream bloody murder- abortion. Yeah, the judicial debate was and will always be about abortion. I'll tell the truth on that one. The right-to-lifers think they own the monopoly on what life is and when it begins (or ends). They don't and never have. You cannot say you support the culture of life by being anti-abortion and simultaneously being pro death penalty. The two ideas are not compatible. As for the "on demand" notion. Let's get this straight- it's not on demand and never has been. It's not a fucking movie on Showtime or WWF Wrestle Mania. There are rules and regulations that have been reached as a compromise so women would not die of infection due to back room butchers. Sure, the first trimester is pretty much fair game, but after that (thanks to some BS antiquated idea about quickening), there are lots of rules. It's also expensive and if it weren't for assholes like Randall Terry shouting baby killer and tossing blood on women walking out of their doctors' offices, it wouldn't be nearly as heartbreaking. Abortion is a woman's choice (and her burden) and the day one of those faggot ass faggot Christian boys can carry a child up in his chachi is the day he gets to say anything about it at all. Until then, he should shut his faggot ass the fuck up. And any lawyer who gets the privilege to don a black robe ought to known better and stay out of personal decisions of others.

I don't tell them what lube to use on the Rev they shouldn't tell me if I can hook a Hoover up to my cootch. 'Nuff said.

*Okay. Deep breath now......*

The judge fight is a bad one for a lot of reasons that, frankly, don't make sense. The right wingnuts and Freepers have got it all wrong. I wish the Cold War had never ended so that they wouldn't have so much time to think about the rest of us. I believe that if these judges pass it will just spur more cannibalization of our society by the wingnuts and Freepers. They are bound and determined to destroy everything they touch including our Democracy in an effort to homogenize our society. They don't see the beauty in pluralism. They only see what is dangled in front of them by their cult leaders like Ole Rev Dobson.

And as long as their momma ain't happy, they ain't happy.

Just don't surprised when they start shooting Senators, Congressmen, reporters, judges and people like me who don't give a shit if they're happy and only care that they shaddup.


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