May 16, 2005

Did Someone Step in Doo Doo?

This will be a short post. I've got a long trial week, but wanted to get some things off my chest. First and foremost, WTF is with Condaskeeza and the BS trip to Iraq? And the speech on a "freedom deficit" causing 9-11? Will someone give her a piss test quick because she definitely is smoking some shit if she can say that with a straight face. For a woman as learned as she to lie so completely about the root causes of 9-11 makes me want to cut out my own ovaries and move to Saudi Arabia. What a fucking stoopid bitch.....

Then there are some more stoooooooo-pid people out there bitching about King and King. There are people in the Oklahoma legislature actually talking about taking away library funding because........ heavens! There is a book about gay men made for kids in the children's lit area of an OKC library. Guys, get a life and stop reading those Focus on the Family talking points memos.

Oh, and finally- one of the dumbest things I've ever heard on two fronts. First, someone made lollipops that taste like the Chronic. And two, someone's bitching about it. Hell, even a local news channel had a former addict (face hidden in shadows of course because he was saying something so completely moronic he didn't want anyone to know who he was) complaining it will get kids hooked on pot. I say- fuck you idiots. Someone should have killed you at birth if you really believe that shit. How about bitching about NASCAR having Budweiser and Busch and Miller as sponsors? Drinking is far more addictive and destructive than smoking a little bit of sticky buds, ordering a pizza and watching Spongebob. Oh, wait... that's right Spongebob is gay. Darnnit!

These idiots stink. They may want to check their shoes at the door.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sponge Bob is not gay. He is just a young pourous dude trying to figure out his plot in life. Besides how many chicks you going to get smelling like crabby patties all the time. His only chance is with Sandy the squirrel because she wears a helmet and cant smell his ass. Proof of point. Patrick does not have a nose. Squidwad does. Patrick likes SB, Squidward does not. Thought I would focus on the fun instead of the crap. Wonderdog.

10:51 AM  

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