May 27, 2005

Balls of the Week Award

I'm starting a new tradition this week: Balls of the Week Award. The Balls of the Week Award is designed to recognize people (or businesses) who do the right thing in spite of the risk of adverse reaction by the NRA card-carrying Freepers. The ability to stand up the Establishment is a character trait I highly admire. This Inaugural Award will go to two worthy candidates this week as I clearly see it is an old-fashioned tie.

So this week, major props go out to Kraft Foods for their support of the Gay Games and to Texas House of Representatives' member Senfronia Thompson. Rep. Thompson is a fellow Houstonian with a huge set of nads who made an impassioned speech on the floor of the Texas legislature after those asshats decided to use sexual orientation as an excuse to make children homeless and were on the verge of taking away same-sex partners protections privided by contract in the State of Texas. Show your support for Kraft and Rep. Thompson by going to the Kraft comments site and Rep. Thompson's webpage. Let them know they aren't alone in confronting the evil of the Freepers and that their efforts are appreciated and respected.

Third place goes to Congressman Walter Jones for finally getting with the program after having supported the war in Iraq. Congressman, just know that you cannot undo what you did by voting for that ignorant and self-serving excuse for a war on terror. Those pictures on that wall outside your office of the fallen are their due to your decision not to be informed and dance to the nationlistic tunes of Bush and Co..

Microsoft gets no props for firing Ralph Reed since they screwed the pooch by withdrawing their support for anti-bigotry legislation. Maybe Bill can make it up to us by giving more money to fight poverty and disease throughtout the world.


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