June 06, 2005

It Was Fun While It Lasted

Since the preznit started squatting in the White House, Americans have lost certain civil liberties. The right to be free of illegal search and seizure (without probable cause) has gone by the wayside with little or no checks thanks in part to the so-called Patriot Act. The right to have a private phone call, to speak one's mind in a public place, the right to be free of the heavyhandedness of religious enterprise are all things we can say "nice knowin' ya" to under Dumya's watch. And now, thanks to the Bush Administration's bullshit war on drugs, you can also say goodbye to your doctor being able to prescribe medical marijuana to you for the treatment of debilitating and painful diseases. So in case you are retarded, this means in broader implication land that your doctor's treatment of you can be curtailed by a suit in Washington who has no medical background, who does not know you, does not know your medical history or any idea of the pain you endure. The government now, officially, has its own white coat and a lousy bedside manner.

I'm pissed to say the least, but I expected it.

Let's get this straight- I hate George Bush. I hate his administration. I hate his mother for not aborting him. I hate his father for helping prop his sorry ass up for decades while he did coke in truck stop bathrooms. I hate his Stepfordized wife and her Consort sprayed hair. I hate his slut daughter and her boring twin. I hate John Ashcroft. I hate Alberto Gonzales. I hate that smug asshole Donald Rumsfeld. I hate Dick Cheney, his pornographer wife and his turncoat lesbian daughter. And I hate the red state crackers. You guys collectively aren't worthy of sucking the dingleberry off a donkey's ass.

To all of you assholes who voted for the dickhead and co., Terry Schiavo was just a warm up. You just thought you were sacred. Soon you won't be able to buy groceries without a fingerprint scan. You won't be able to put your kids in little league without a credit check and signing a loyalty oath to the Fuhrer. Fuck you guys for screwing up a nice democracy. Fuck you guys twice for being to stoo-pid to listen to reason and to something other than Fox News and the 700 Club.

It was a fun experiment while it lasted.

P.S. Go ahead and report me to the Secret Service. They can fuck off, too.


Blogger jimmytwoshirts said...

Get your hate on!

ALthough you are (mostly) correct, this was a SCOTUS decision, and (allegedly) seperation of powers keeps them from being part of "the administration".
Also this is a bigger decision in relation to states rights than it is to medical marijuana.

3:28 PM  
Blogger The Raving Badger said...

Absolutely agreed. I just didn't want to bitch about states rights yesterday. As for seperation of powers, it's true to an extent, but if the DOJ hadn't pushed the issue of enforcement, it wouldn't be in the courts to begin with and SCOTUS wouldn't have humped us and our ability to have our doctors treat us w/o governmental interference. Thus, it is still Dubya's fault.

4:41 PM  

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