June 09, 2005

Start Making Your Lists

It is fairly obvious the Republicans are trying to destroy the very fiber of our Democracy. From the FDA, to the DOJ, to the BIA, to the PBS- they are infiltrating and mucking up the process of protecting our fine country.

We see the stories everyday. PBS has been taken over by Republicans who deem it "too liberal." The FDA helps protect big drug manufacturers from liability and pussyfoots around RU-486. The DOJ backs off the $130 billion dollar fine for Big Tobacco (and I am a smoker) and instead asks for $10B. The Surgeon General does not even have a medical degree worth a damn. The armed services is being weakened by yes men who have to kidnap kids in order to try and make their recruitment quotas. The BIA helps one tribe kick out another tribe from the Indian casino industry with the help of some very large and very well-placed bribes (screw you Tommy DeLay). The EPA fudges reports and hides documentation of global warming and works hand in hand with ExxonMobil to yank the rug out from under the Kyoto treaty (and lies about it with Dick Cheney). Etc.. Etc. Etc.....

All of these various agencies have been royally fucked up by Bush and Co.. When the Democrats take back the White House in '08, they better have their list ready of replacements for these dumb fucks presently appointed. I suggest they start that list now as it will take years to find enough suitable replacements who will be willing to wade neck deep in the shit created by these fundamentalist bastards.

Such a clean up job is immense and will take a lot of guts and long hours. Pussy ass motherfucking Republicans need not apply.


Blogger Digitalicat said...

The big problem with any theoretical list is "who can they find that would squeak past a hostile congress?" I fully expect that 2008 will see the presidential pendulum swinging back toward Democrats, but congress is another matter all together. Hell, Bush is just now getting some of his 2001 appointees confirmed, and that's with a comparatively friendly congress.

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