June 28, 2005

Why Does Karl Rove Hate PBS/CPB?

'Cos he can.

And because Herr Rove is a master of propoganda. PBS/CPB just wasn't playing his party march and he needed it to stop lest the natives figure out they're being lied too daily by Faux News and its less extremist competitors. (Okay, admittedly- it's not just overt lies, it's also how things are framed in misleading ways, phrases that are used, citing anonymous administration sources and ignoring "non-stories" like the Downing Street Memo.) He likes everyone to goosestep in time. It's less confusing for Dubya.

Check out this if you want to know how Rove and Co. misappropriated money for a "study" on certain PBS/CPB shows (i.e. ones that didn't say we were winning in Iraq, etc.) and are now shutting them down. [BTW- Kudos to Rich does an awesome job on this piece of investigative journalism couched in an op-ed-like column.]


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