September 07, 2005

Hanging On To The Anger

I know most of us are just being assaulted daily with the horrific images coming from the Gulf Coast. And we are overwhelmed with the madness of it. There are few times in human history that something so catostrophic has occurred. Some that come to mind....

Fire bombing of Dresden.

I think essentially there is an argument to be made that all of these events were either manmade or the fallout was increased exponentially by dumbasses who were/are at the helm of that society. People don't heed warnings of the people in the know or they're just plain mean and don't care. Folks, we're currently in a situation where people are both.

Dickheads like Rick Santorum are saying the victims of Katrina who didn't "evacuate" should be fined. People like Dennis Hastert say we shouldn't rebuild, and now there's some other folks out there talking about not giving any FEMA help to people without insurance.

Fuck. I mean, come on??? What kind of Christian response is that? What kind of humane response is that?

Then there is the ineptitude of government leaders. Sure Nagin should have used the buses, but what for? It's not like the Astrodome or Kelley AFB were open or even offered at that point. Where do you put 50,ooo+ poor black people in this country? Augusta National? Governor Blanco has been getting hosed by Rove (what? Rove's not hosing his GF today?) when it's now finally being documented that Bush declared a state of emergency on Saturday before Katrina hit. That makes it federal purview. Not State. Not the Gov's. Bush's fuck-up.

Let's just cut to the chase. The Prezznit needs to mea culpa and fire Brown as soon as humanly possible, but not before putting someone in charge who knows how to get shit done and didn't work on Bush's campaign. [Note to self: don't put asskissing fundraisers in charge of shit where people might die. Looks bad.] He also needs to get the fuck out of the way, stop doing photo-ops with first responders there to actually do something, and stay in DC getting shit done related to Katrina. Until that fuckup is handled properly- no death tax repeal, no John Roberts, no props to Pat Robertson and Brownie, no medicaid, social security crappola. The federal government should look like CNN. All Katrina. All the time. Then he needs to replace the rest of his cabinet that stayed on vacation.

That's so fucking crass and shows more than anything this administration has done to date the difference between the Haves and the Have-nots. The Have's get to buy Ferragamos and multi-million dollar mansions in resort towns. The Have-nots get to be raped in the Superdome surrounded by human waste, corpses, and then wade thru water infested with bloated bodies, gunfire and god knows what else only to arrive eventually in a hospital in Norman, Oklahoma with chemical burns, rashes, massive bacterial infections, dehydration, screaming and crying about missing relatives and the horrors they saw firsthand. The Have-nots have no shoes. And they have no homes. They hardly have any dignity left thanks to the fuckwit Haves in charge.

With all that done, maybe some people may forgive him, but I doubt it. They'll be hanging on to the anger in '06 when Senate and congressional seats are up again. And in '08 they'll be looking for someone they can trust to walk the walk instead of just talkin' the talk. It doesn't matter if it's a Dem or a Repug. Just so long as they're not a giant dickhead frat boy or his best friend.

Yep, they'll be hanging onto that anger. I know I will be.

PS- He needs to put a muzzle on his mother. She's a bitch. I hope Mary Landrieu coldcocks her, too.

PSS- The thing about the Norman hospital is true. An ER nurse told me about her last two days with evacuees. The nurse was near exhaustion and frankly, just about in shock from what she saw and heard.


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