September 01, 2005


You are a miserable failure at everything you do, but that should be of no surprise since you couldn't even run a small oil company that pretty much brokered land rights. You have no compassion. You have no hard-learned wisdom and you certainly have no idea what the fuck you are doing.

I just read the Times-Picayune article from almost a year ago reporting about how the levee budget was slashed by 80 fucking percent because of the "war" in Iraq. I just read the Houston Chronicle article from 4 years ago describing how 4 of 5 evacuation routes would close down in a hurricane unless a stronger levee and pump system were in place. And that people would die as the "bowl" filled up. Oh yeah, and thanks for making it easier for your land developer cronies to destroy barrier islands that might have absorbed more of the shock of the hurricane.


Oh, yeah.... not reading a newspaper. Riding a bicycle. Playing a guitar. Reeks of Nero doesn't it???

You are a fucking dog turd. You are worthless. And because of your giant-sized ego and subsquent run for office, people are dead in the Gulf of Mexico.

I lay this disaster at your feet. Your greed and arrogance have costs people their lives, their homes, their jobs and a state and a nation of many needed supplies. And since you don't drive yourself, or buy your own food, or make your own calls, you have no idea what is going on out here. Gas is up 50 cents in my area alone. In some places $3-$4. Farmers won't be able to ship out crops. Homes and entire industries are destroyed. The airline industry on the East Coast is paralyzed for lack of fuel. Were fucked while you sit in your ivory fucking tower.

You suck, George. Eat a bullet or get the fuck out of the way and let a qualified person do your job, you goddamned nitwit.


Blogger Chuck said...



12:20 AM  
Blogger The Raving Badger said...

Damn right. Oh yeah, I am fucking sick and tired of the goddamn Bush apologists on Faux News. How many times can Bill "Loofah" O'Reilly, Dennis Hastert or Haley Barbour blame it on the victims? I guess the victims hate Amerika too.

7:38 AM  
Blogger GoingLoopy said...

Did you happen to catch Bill Mahr on Friday? Because that shit rocked. Bush was being bashed to bits. Bill had Anderson Cooper on there, and pretty much went on a rant about how this is the first time during the Reign of the Shrub that the press corps has actually blamed some shit on the slimy little fuckstick.

11:36 PM  
Blogger The Raving Badger said...

I didn't get to see Bill Friday. I'll play it tonight on On Demand. I read his "New Rules" instead over the weekend.

It's funny. Point on. And easy to read while sitting on the throne.

As for Anderson Cooper, I thought he was a babe when he was doing ABCNews up all night news 7 years ago. He's blossomed into a fine reporter and his Katroina coverage will probably garner him and his network some major awards. He showed more humanity in a single shake of his disbelieving head than Shrub has show all week with his "hugs" and "go to the Salvation Army 2 blocks aways" shit.

Can we start a cable news network that's Cooper, Keith, Mahr, Robin Roberts and the whole GMA staff all the time? They seem to be the only people out there with any credibility left.

10:10 AM  

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