November 09, 2005

My Comments to Senator Frist Today

Fristfucker put out a call on VOLPAC's site asking for comments about Senator Reid's invocation of Rule 21 last week. The site's comments are moderated so I do not expect to be published there. Here's my comments for the entire world to see and (hopefully) enjoy:

Senator Frist,
Your comments are disingenuous, and their sourness leave a horrible stench in the Senate chamber. Do your job and fully investigate what happened to the 9-11 intelligence and how it was twisted into a needless, bloody and expensive war in Iraq. Furthermore, stop covering for Senator Roberts who has carried water for the administration for so long, he should be renamed Atlas and bronzed.
You are paid by the taxpayers of this great nation to do a job- an important and sacred job. Your abuse of the position for personal gain, your miscalculations in your quest for the White House are an abomination. Moreover, your egomaniacal tendencies require some serious counseling. I suggest you see Dr. Coburn posthaste. He can tell when you are lying to yourself about your own importance in Congress.
Resign. The Senate had more affability and attractiveness when Trent Lott ran it. And that's really saying something.
In closing, I direct you to Webster's Dictionary for a lesson in the difference between a "leak" and a "whistleblower." I expect a five page report by Monday morning.


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