December 30, 2005

Count Me A Little More Than Pissed

I'm pretty much fuming right now. Between the asshole attorneys who have kept mum about their refusal to work with my client on a particular order and lien release, having to attend a holiday party this evening, my husband's pissy mood for the last week, and two things I saw in the paper this morning, I'm about ready to hit the next mutherfucker who walks in my office with a shit-eating grin.

I set a hearing on the law matter and just faxed over the notice for next week so they can't hold up closing and put my client in danger of another contempt. [My phone's ringing right now. It's the lunch hour- fuck whoever is calling. Oh, and now, they're calling my cellphone. Bastards.] We have a timeline, and they have set plenty of stuff without notice to me in the past.

The holiday party I'll have to endure. There's no way to avoid it. I'll beg off early enough to go get real food and go home and play with my dog which is about the only thing that makes me laugh these days. I fucking LOVE that dog.

I've told my husband three times this morning it was too bad he didn't stop breathing in the middle of the night. I don't really mean it (well, very much), but I'm sick of his contrived reasons for being pissy. His sister's greed isn't reason enough to fuck up my good mood, and one should go home waaaayy before midnight without being dragged out of the bar.

And the two things I saw in the paper are just plain fucking wrong:

First, a Pawhuska, Oklahoma ambulance service may have to go out of business because FEMA hasn't paid them for the 100K worth the service they provided during Katrina. That's utter bullshit. The EMSA service paid the expenses upfront and they have no cushion due to cutbacks in Medicaid by the GOP controlled Congress and White House. Without at least reimbursement, they're fucked.

FEMA has the money. They've had the money for two months. Why won't they just pay the goddamn bill so innocent taxpayers don't have to go without emergency medical services??? Worse yet, if there's another disaster and this ambulance service is still around (doubtful) they probably won't do business with FEMA and people might die because of that. I guess that's the compassionate conservatism that all those damn NASCAR fucks voted for because Jeebus told them to.

Second, the Department of Justice is opening an investigation into the NSA's warrantless and illegal wiretapping of American citizens. Shit, they knew a year ago that the New York Times had that "top secret" information. Why didn't they start the investigation last year? Might it have something to do with the fact the Times finally printed the story and this is political retribution for fucking with the Bushies and their neo-con ass pals? Could it be they're muddying the waters before Rove gets frogmarched outta the White House? Or could it be another swift-boating to avoid impeachment talks? You make the call.

Oh, and for what it's worth- watch "The God Who Wasn't There." I watched it on Xmas with the hubby (I know it's irreverent but fuck you if you can't take a joke). I had always considered myself a hopeful but militant agnostic. Not anymore. Count me an Atheist. Shit. Card-carrying. The correlations between the "hero" myths and Christ (and Osiris, and Muhammad and Buddha, etc., etc., etc.) and the fact that Paul never once in 80,000 pages mentions a historical Jesus or any of the highlights of his life is just too much to ignore unless you're a fucking retard. If people would stop buying into all that mumbo jumbo and end of times shit and stop listening to backasswards popes who call for people to ignore intellectual and technological advancements in favor for a dark ages view of life and science, maybe we wouldn't have stooopid ass wars and so many goddamn dumbass mutherfuckers out there who don't use birth control and act like fucks because they can claim moral bankruptcy any Sunday morning on their way to IHOP.


Happy fucking Hannkwansass Year.


Blogger Emptyman said...

Read Karen Armstrong's History of God for another perspective -- a thoughtful religious perspective -- on some of the same stuff in The God Who Wasn't There. It will restore your agnosticism.

9:49 AM  

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