January 26, 2006

Hey Bob Byrd, Shit or Get off the Pot

I was checking the latest status of the Alito confirmation hearings (Kerry wants a fillibuster and some Dems are turncoats). I saw on thing that really chapped my hide- Senator Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia, a friggin' Democrat, is supporting Sam "Borkeamada" Alito for Sandra Day O'Connor's seat. WTF???

Did Byrd forget that Sam Alito doesn't support miner's rights? Did Byrd forget he's in a reelection battle in a state that has not once but twice in the last three weeks suffered the loss of its miners due to safety issues? The same safety issues, Borkeamada thinks are too unworthy for serious thought and attention?

If Byrd, doesn't see the correlation there, then he needs to retire. Obviously, his advanced age is getting to him. He needs to shit or get of the pot.

PS- I called his office to ask what was up with his support of Borkeamada. It took me three tries and when I did get through (voicemail was full) and there was a party going on in the background. The girl answering the phone was barely listening to me, referred me to a website for Byrd's "view." It did nothing more than say, some people thought Teddy Kennedy was mean to the big liar and I feel bad about it, so I'll vote for him. Maybe his wife will stop boohooing for the camera's now.

If I were a Senator and my staff was half-boozed up in the middle of the day having a very loud party while business wasn't being conducted, I'd fucking fire some sorry sons of bitches. Instead, I doubt he's aware of it. Maybe they turned down his hearing aid or it's his naptime.


Blogger Emptyman said...

You ever driven through Wes' Virginny? There are these bigass multi-lane highways cutting through the mountains. Super-duper expensive because they're all built on giant bridges. They don't actually connect to anything and they carry almost no traffic, since they're eight lanes of asphalt between two towns with populations under 1,000. But all along the highway there are signs reminding you that you're on the "Robert Byrd Appalachian Highway System" and the same signs point out that the roads used like $970,000,000 in US funds and $1.75 in West Virginia funding. Which is fair if you consider that $1.75 is something like 40% of West Virginia's GDP each year...

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