January 31, 2006

File This One Under "WTF????"

I know I could go on some diatribe about Sam "Borkeamada" Alito's confrmation and how pussified the Democrats are, but instead I'd rather wallow in THE DUNGEON.

Seriously, the Dedham, Massachusetts prosecutor thought he'd get an easy conviction against a dominatrix whose slave died during a session. What a fucking putz.

First off, although I'm not in that lifestyle I do understand a few things:

1. The guy was paying her to beat him.
2. His heart attack had little if anything to do with her beating him.
3. Being a professional dominatrix is not the same as being a prostitute.
4. BDSM does not as a general rule involve sex.
5. Most people are not so open to the idea of paying cold hard cash to someone in leather thigh high boots to spank their ass bloody with a leather strap.
6. People into the "lifestyle" aren't exactly public about it.
7. DA's are shameless schmucks who are beholden to the almighty election and will do anything for free publicity even if it means DONNING A LEATHER HOOD IN OPEN COURT AND DEMONSTRATING HOW THE DECEASED WAS BEATEN.

I think the prosecutor had a chubby when he was doing that. I don't think he took this guy's death seriously and he used it as a reelction platform. Luckily, the jury pushed the DA off into oncoming subway traffic before he could ruin the dom's life. Good for them.

The best part of this fucked up story is that the DA tried this case with an alleged confession from the defendant that wasn't recorded nor written down, there were no investgators' notes, there was no body, no blood, no DNA, no weapon and no witnesses. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

Sounds like the DA just wanted an excuse to play dress up publicly. I wonder if this judge had a penis pump too....


Blogger Emptyman said...

The dominatrix prosecution is just a combination of ordinary police ineptitude and prosecutorial dickheadistry. The masturbating judge is more bizarre, by far.

8:29 AM  

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