February 06, 2006

Sucky Things and Not So Sucky Things

Some days there are lots of sucky things and some days there are some not so sucky things. I think today is one of those days. I woke up without a hangover which is a huge plus, but my ass was doing a Diet Pepsi impression- brown and bubbly. Then I remembered that I won a 42" big screen HDTV last night. Sweet. Then wait... I have to pick the damn thing up today.

And then there's watching my very married friend make out at the bar with a someone other than his wife last night. I like all three of them and I'm a bit offended he could not be more discreet. Simply put, people cheat. It's not right, but it's a fact of grown-up life. This guy doesn't seem to have a reason to cheat. His wife's all over his jock, she raises his grandkids and their teenager while staying trim and running his business office and the family finances. He stays out partying and now confirmed running around on her. I don't begrudge him happiness and let's face it- none of us really knows what happens behind closed doors. BUT THAT'S THE WAY IT SUPPOSED TO BE. Take the trick home, not in public where your mutual friends have to see it firsthand and therefore be made part of the whole fucked up scenario. And worse yet, he's been seeing this woman (also a friend of mine) for several years. So it's not just a pick-up. It's a family friend and an actual relationship. Ouch.

Then I saw that the gay bar hatchet guy has ties to Neo-Nazi's meaning that his crime spree was hate based, but worse than that, he shot and killed a poor cop in Arkansas. Then he shot his friend in the head before engaging in a shoot-out with more cops. WTF? Why? Who the hell raised this kid? Atilla the Hun? And who taught him it was okay to fuck with other people or their lives? Fucking proselytizing fuckers. I wonder which "group" they'll single out next. Bulemics? Intersexed people? Steelers fans with sleeveless shirts who annoy the fuck out of me?

And Betty Friedan died Saturday. I just found out. That sucks. And it sucks worse there's no one to pick up where she left off. People are too lazy, scared or disinterested in attacking real issues anymore. They'd rather just get their 15 minutes by being on "The Bachelor" or "Flavor of Love" (which BTW is creepier than shit). We need more people like her and less people like this.

And the all of this has me thinking about "My Name Is Earl" and his concept of karma. The gay bar hatchet guy deserved to die a violent death for what he did. He ended up shot all to hell by a bunch of cops. His body lying in the Arkansas road like a dead cur dog. That karma can be a real bitch.

Betty Friedan rocked. She did many important things with her life, the least of which was changing how we view the sexes and the concept of free will. She had a long wonderful life. Karma can be really kind.

Ralph Reed has been a cock sucking hypocrite his whole life. If karma is kind, maybe he'll end up in prison sucking a few uncut, frumunda cheese laced cocks of his very own. He certainly deserves to. At the very least, he should lose this election. It's just too bad karma won't go as far as to inform his Christian base that they have been tools. That they've been used for a political agenda and that no one from Ralph's crowd really gives a damn about them unless votes or money are needed somewhere. On second thought- I wonder if that's how a whore feels after being pumped full of spoo by some gnarly breathed asshat with a five dollar bill..... Oh, karma, where are you.

I hope my TV win was karma telling me I did something right finally. Or hell maybe I'll drop it on my foot tonight and have to have very painful and expensive surgeries to repair my mangled foot. And I hope for all three of my friends' sakes that the wife never finds out about her husband's bad behavior. I said karma was a bitch, but it ain't shit compared to a woman scorned.


Blogger Emptyman said...

Most attorneys have good cause to fear karma. I'll say a novena for your toes. First I have to learn the novena, of course.

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