March 14, 2006

Balls of the Week Award No.5

I sure loves me some Dame Helen. She called out the press corps and called them a bunch of lap dogs. I only wonder why she didn't call them a bunch of pussified bitches which is exactly how I see them. It's a shame that bloggers have had to take up the mantle of the free press because of corporate fuckers who sell info-tainment for tax breaks and refuse to do their jobs in a meaningful way. They, like Congress, have abdicated their positions of responsibility within our democracy. They ought to be skinned alive and misted hourly with a 50% brine solution under heat lamps.



Blogger dieubermaus said...

That is basically what Jon Stewart said to Tucker Carlson on Crossfire, right before the show was cancelled. "I guess I come down more firmly in the Jon Stewart camp," said CNN Chief Executive Jonathan Klein. Reacting to the news, Stewart said, "I had no idea that if you wanted a show canceled, all you had to do was say it out loud." If you didn't see it, the transcript of the show is here;

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