April 04, 2006

Oh Gawd...I Think I'm Having a Spontaneous Orgasm

I know about G-spots like most people (they're not a myth BTW), but I didn't know about the D-spot. I do now.

D-spot orgasm: (n) The spontaneous orgasm that occurs when a corrupt asshole congressman announces he's pulling out of his reelection campaign and will be leaving his seat early.

Talk about powerful. My knees are still shaking and my butt is still sweating (a sure tell sign).

I was just sitting around, minding my own beeswax flipping through the news last night when I saw the FOX exclusive. I nearly howled with joy, but I was too busy twitching like an epileptic out of meds at a discoteque.


I just wish I knew what caused this sudden turn of events. Maybe it had to do with his former chief of staff pleading guilty as part of the Jack Abramoff probe late last week? Something smells fishy here, and for once, it's not Galveston Bay or Jenna Bush's snatch.

While I am on my favorite subject of politics, let me say this much: Wolf Blitzer is a creep. He had Cynthia McKinney on yesterday and failed at any point to recognize she's telling the truth about security at the House. Who's he covering for? He's been through Capitol security a million times and he knows how it works. Hell, even I know how it works.

I visited DC this last summer and a good friend of mine was working for one of our state's congressmen. I stopped by to see her and she set up a private tour for me to see the Capitol Building. She assigned a staff intern who had been there all of a month to take me on the tour as she had pressing business to attend to. The intern took me downstairs into the basement catacomb to walk over to the Capitol. There were huge lines of people like me waiting to get through security. The lines were too long to wait for (roughly 1-3 hours) so we went back and grabbed some special tags from the Congressman's office and went through security at the secondary checkpoint. We were ushered through in a matter of seconds because the Capitol police recognized her instantly. Now mind you, this is an intern who has been there for all of 4-5 weeks. Not a multi-term Congresswoman.

Now I ask this: If they could recognize this lowly intern and know who who her bosses were (it was obvious from the conversation), then surely, those bozos could recognize a powerful elected House Rep from the South??? Right?

Something stinks here.

Maybe CmK is a bit bitchy. I can't blame her; she's always fighting an uphill battle with the current Congress. Maybe she copped an attitude. She's entitled. She's a Congresswoman and she's often not "recognized" by the assholes assigned to protect her.

I think she gets to play the race card here, folks. I don't see them doing this to that lying sack of shit Jean Schmidt who BTW doesn't have the college degree she claims on her resume.


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