December 26, 2006

At Least The British Have Balls

I never thought I'd utter that phrase, but seriously- at least they have the balls to do the right thing. Not only are they getting out of Iraq by 2008, but they just freed 127 men from certain death at the hands of the Iraqi police in Basra.

What gets me is that the abuses were quite obvious. That means the US commanders know it is going on and have known for some time. Yet---- they didn't go in and rescue those poor guys. That tells me they are a hateful, racist bunch and/or that doing something would have not been politically expedient because it would have admitted that the Iraqi forces aren't ready to take over and that many of them should be shot in the town square like feral dogs.

I say fuck politically expedient.

Do the right thing mutherfuckers.

What I hate most about the Bush administration is how we went from a nation of people that always tried to do the right thing to a bunch of pansy-assed-cocksuckers. Why did it it take British forces doing what we should have done? What we should have prevented?

Unfortunately, I bet there were some US soldiers there wanting to do the right thing and then they were held up by their own brass. Ain't that a kick in the head.

On an even dimmer note- we've surpassed the casualty figures from 9-11 with our war dead in Iraq. For some reason I'm sure the dead Iraqi's and dead contractors and dead soldiers form other nations aren't being figured in.

Fuck Bush. Viva le balls.


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