November 17, 2006

WTF's Wrong With People???

So a bunchof dumbass geeks stood in the rain for 3 days in Buttfuck, Washington and bought a Sony PS3. BFD is what I say. They should have been studying or getting laid. But what in god's name gives them the right to ask 8 grand for a fucking video game system and 5 games??? And why the fuck would anyone pay that???


Someone has a winning bid in right now. And it closes in 18 hours. Gee, I hope they win their bid.

So I had checked out the ebay listings 'cos I thought CNN was full of shit. Turns out there are a whole lotta systems on there for thousands of dollars. One was listed at 15K. No. Seriously. 15 fucking grand?!?

Why the fuck would anyone pay thousands of dollars for a fucking game? You can put a downpayment on a house or a car or pay for a semester or two of college. You could get your dick sucked like a few hundred times in some neighborhoods I know. Isn't a blowjob better than sitting in your skidmarked skivvies getting half a chub over some Dark Overlord or hitting a better tee shot than Tiger Woods???

What ever happened to kids being pushed out the front door by their folks to go play in the street with the other similarly situated kids? What ever happened to valuing life over owning a goddamn video game console? Eight grand would feed a whole lotta people somewhere or stock a school house with books someplace. Talk about having missplaced fucking priorities.

We fucking deserve the ire of every kid in a third world country who's forced to labor in a plant somewhere making those GD machines and the Nikes we wear while watching them. We pretty much suck and keep sucking more and more each year.

Our country (and Japan) is filled with fucking self-centered morons who get fatter with each passing day as they laze around not giving a shit about raping the environment or raping some kid named Pichu in a factory somewhere. Goddamn. We suck. I can't blame anyone for hating Americans right now. We're certainly not as brave or as diligent about having some selfworth as our grandparents. All we give a shit about is what is in front of our face. And if we don't like what we see, we can always flip the channel to one of the 247 other channels available in our bundle package.

Oh, and before I forget: I just want to point out that George Bush finally showed up for duty in Vietnam today. Too bad it's 35 years too late. If he had shown up on time, maybe we'd have a real president rather than that fuckwad with cottage cheese for brains. May he rot in hell along with all the fat fucks playing PS3 right now or contemplating buying Wii in a few weeks.


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