November 13, 2006

In a Tizzy

My friend Jim says I need to chill out a bit because I am displaying a lot of hostility towards the GOP and it's apologists/shills. He's right. Since the election, you figure I'd be ecstatic- in a constant state of near orgasm. Not a chance. Quite the opposite actually. I'm finally releasing all of my pent up anger at being kicked around for 6 years and accused of not being patriotic enough. I say unto those who've accused me and other like-minded individuals of being traitors and communists and whatever other words they want to throw out there- fuck you in the ass with a long ungreased telephone pole full of splinters.

Okay, that's off my chest now. Whew. I feel better. Not.

Anyhow, I hope Pelosi is bright enough to keep the ethically challeged members of the Democratic Caucus out of positins of power- say.... like committee chairmanships or 2nd in command. Unfortunately, she won't be. She is put in the untennable position of trying to solidify her power base and make Dems look tougher than Clint Eastwood at a NRA convention on the issues of Iraq and National Security. Sadly, that means having Murtha near the top rung. Too bad. I like him, but his ethics problems will hurt the party long term. Maybe he'll have a heart attack or something and bow out before the 2008 elections or a major lobbying scandal erupts.

That being said, I'm taking a hiatus from drinking for a bit. I had what some might say is too much fun on Saturday. Hangovers are the least of one's problems when they can't keep their mouth shut. I, unfortunately, am not known for avoiding the 800 lb. gorilla in any room and usually go running up to it with a baseball bat and a pink lipstick yelling as Grasshopper would say "WOOT! WOOT! WOOT!." Not too bright. Besides, I have a ton of stuff to get done in the next two weeks before I travel to visit my family for Gravy Day (I fucking love, love, love gravy!).

Three weeks left in NCAA football. Go Gators! And stop giving me heart attacks. It drives me to drink.....


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