November 01, 2006

Jeebus, Why Did Kerry Say That?!?

John Kerry is an unelectable dolt. Seriously, WTF was he thinking (or not thinking) when he made that crack about "get good grades or you'll be cannon fodder." Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

It was a stupid remark, but this feigned outrage is pure bullshit. I flipped through the cable news shows this AM with hubby sitting by my side and said, "Watch this." Sho' 'nuff Lynne Cheney was being given the kidd glove treatment by Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, CNN was making shit up about "the outrage" in between running old ass polls on the Ford vs. Corker race, and FAUX, of course, was running "All John Kerry. All the Time." I swear I flipped through 10 times in 30 minutes and it was John fucking Kerry all the fucking time. Not once. Not once, did they interupt to say anything about North Koreans asking for the freeze on their bank accounts to be lifted, or the fact that the DoD is asking for a 10% increase in troops in Iraq, or the fact that over 100 men and women from our armed forces died in Iraq last month for some still unknown fucking reason.

Fuck them. And fuck John Kerry for getting us away from those subjects by opening his big, dumb mouth again and inserting his own ass (nice parlor trick BTW). We shouldn't be talking about his inept ass, we should be talking about serious stuff like why many housing markets have experienced a 20-35% drop in value in the last eight goddamn months and how many home owners are overextended and looking at foreclosure. I could give two shits about whether JK said something stupid, but I do care about an impending jobless and homeless rates that will make the Reagan era look like a goddamn golden age.

Only one good thing will come from this: John Kerry won't muddy the presidential waters for the Democrats. Even better, a fellow Democrat didn't have to do it, thus, making us all look like infighting, inbred, shrill twits. Bravo! Now if John McCain will just get tripped up by his own blathering, asskiss incompetence, we might stand a chance of getting a decent president in 2008.

Anyhow. Don't forget to vote. Make sure you know where your polling place is and what its hours of operation are. Make sure you know who the candidates are and what initiatives are on your ballot. Don't wait until you get there and then say "Eeney, meaney, miney, mo." That shit's wrong. Oh, and make sure to take ID. Two forms if your skin color is anything darker than soft ivory. The Gestapo's Oldass Prickmeisters are watching.....


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