September 26, 2006

Hey, Condi!

Eat my ass you lying bitch. I cannot get over what a complete waste of space you turned out to be. My hopes for you were high being that every mentor I had during college and law school was an intelligent, confident black woman, but you are not any of those things. Well, obviously you're black (or well tanned) but the rest of it you are definitely not.

How you can have the audacity to call Bill Clinton a liar and state he was not telling the truth about how you and Bush and all the rest of your henchmen were asleep at the wheel during 2001 was predictable but still is beyond me. I cannot fathom how empty you must be inside to be able to get up day after day and lie to the American public. The very same people for whom you are working and who pay your salary and expenses. I've been sitting around since last week wondering how long it would take you to decide not to play fast and loose with the facts and just plainly attack him. You beat my guess by one day (I had higher hopes for you).

Dick Clarke and a myriad of other credible sources have repeatedly pointed out your, Unca Dick's an Dubya's shortcomings with regards to national security and the fight against rogue extremist groups. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt during the Israel-Lebanon crisis when you plainly looked weary and exasperated. I tried to shrug off your elitist attitudes so publicly exhibited when you went shoe shopping instead of rushing back to DC to help with Katrina relief or when you entertained dignitaries with your still honed piano skills a few months back, but I can no longer apologize or find common ground with you that would allow me to grant you that benefit of the doubt. (BTW- how did you find the time to stay in practice in between lying to the Lebanese and us? You must have a great scheduler to work all that in between bouts of shoe shopping and fittings.)

You are a sellout. A wastrel. A self-serving bitch. An elitist monster who deems everyone else without Ferragamo shoes beneath you. You have no business serving the American people.

I hope you are fired. I hope your oil tanker grounds itself (when it's dry of course would hate to hurt the environment). I hope your face freezes in that sincerely ugly frown you seem to always have. And, finally, I hope that one day you grow enough in yourself to develop the very trait that everyone you surround yourself seems to be lacking- Empathy.

Until then eat my ass.


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