August 24, 2006

Katherine Harris- A Candidate for the Special Olympics Posterchild

It's bad when your name is the equivilent of being totally batshit. I'm starting to feel sorry for KH because everyday, there is a new story of how utterly dishonest, egomaniacal, spoiled, impetuous, arrogant, uninformed, and bigoted this bitch is. She's an absolute joke. I don't know why (other than the obvious comedic value of course) people still report on her. Take today's story on her interview with a Baptist publication wherein she dicks with the Constitution in a major way in an effort to curry favor with fringe voters. That bitch jumped the shark a longtime ago, too bad she's still holding a congressional seat for Florida. She should be recalled for being mentally deficient. Hell even Strom Thurmond was more mentally competent, and the man shat himself during votes on the floor for the last 30 years that he was there while whistling Dixie.

I'm so ashamed of my home state. I'm starting to believe that when I moved away the IQ of the whole state went down 90 points.

All I can say at this point is "Please somebody get her some lithium. Stat."

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