August 16, 2006

I Hate Bullies, and Bushies, Too

The main stream media outlets are finally picking up on George Allen's racist comments to a gentleman of foreign descent (it varies from site to site but his name implies he's either Indian or Pakistani and he's quite dark skinned). He called him a "macaca." Now, there are a lot of bloggers out there who say it's a variation of a French racial slur meaning the N-word, and Allen's saying it is a mishmash of "mohawk" (based on the guy's haircut) and "caca" a well known euphamism for shit or dung. Either way, Allen's a dickhead. He's either racist (which I believe he is by his long time support for all things of the Confederacy and his non-support for any civil rights issue) or he's an asshole.

No matter what Allen's supporters say, he publicly ridiculed the guy. Granted the guy was taping his speech, but he hadn't interupted anything or acted badly. Allen got rattled. The guy's presence and his enthnicity got under Allen's skin. How dare someone beneath me fuck with me?

He reacted poorly and publicly. This guy wants to be president and he can't keep his mouth shut??? He can't control his temper??? Great. I'm sure to the dumbass red staters out there he shows great promise to be commander in chief. It would be like having me as the mediator for global peace with Ronald Reagan in one seat and Rush Limbaugh in the other. Do you think I could resist fucking with either of them? Hell, no (I'd pay for the pleasure, frankly). Allen's not any different. He can't control himself well enough to play a game of Texas Hold 'Em for crissakes.

Interestingly, I read some excerpts from his sister's book on Huffington Post earlier today. Seems Allen is a real prick. He tortured his siblings, broke one's collar bone, threw one other through a plate glass window and dragged another up the stairs by her hair. Now I fought with my kid sister and we were pretty bad, but neither of us ended up bald or getting a healthy dose of radiation due to an x-ray machine. That kind of shit goes too far. It's serial killer kind of stuff. The guy's obviously a socio-path. I mean how could you not be with the Lee Press-On Hair?

Well, enough about the dumbass in Virginia. Let's get on to even less interesting topics like Dumbya. Joe Scarborough finally got up the nads to say Dumbya is an idiot and to question his intellectual capacity to perform his job.

About damn time. Did we have to elect the asshole twice in order to figure that out? Seriously. I figured that out years ago and I never had to actually listen to him speak. The whole issue makes me question how slow Joe is. Is Joe a candidate for the Special Olympics, too? Or is he just a cockmeister looking for ratings because his show sucks? I won't even get into his Lee Press-On Hair.

I still hate Bush and all things Bush. A lot, but my capacity to hate him with constant zeal is tested everytime a dickhead like Joe Scarborough jumps on the band wagon and acts like he was one of us all along. Prick.

One last thing- I may not need them, but I know some sisters who have to resort to false advertising. I just don't get the connection between falsies and the war on terror? Do you?

[UPDATE: The guy is from Virgina, born and raised. Allen is from- California. He moved to Virginia just a short time before his run for politial office. In the South, we call assholes like Allen carpetbaggers. I hope Mullet Boy kicks his ass.]


Blogger Emptyman said...

Even worse than the racist nickname was the "Welcome to America" comment -- the guy was born and raised in Virginia. But his was the only non-white face in the crowd, as is typical for a Virginia Republican.

There's really nothing else we need to know about him, right? He's just another good ol' boy asswipe from Dixie.

10:22 AM  

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