August 01, 2006

I Knew I Was Right....

I'm starting to think I'm always freaking right. I wrote about the Cynthia McKinney thing afew months go and how it was utter BS for the Capitol Hill Police to say they didn't recognize her. Turns out there's more to the story and that the SCLM really screwed the pooch. There was a bigger story other than "Uppity Negress Slaps Christian White Man." Stoopid fuckers should have reported on the systemic racism in the police department and the historical pattern of mistreating African-American members of Congress. There have even been lawsuits for crissakes.

Fucking cocksuckers. I seriously hate racism. There's nothing dumber to me. It's as bad as..... miscogyny and homophobia and religious zealotry...... they're all about even in my book.

Anyhow- watch the video for yourself.


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