August 07, 2006

I'm Avoiding the News

until tomorrow. So far, everything I've seen on TV this A.M. was depressing. As if my own life didn't suck enough, I have to watch the death and destruction in Lebanon and Israel. BTW- did you know there have been over 600 casulaties in Lebanon? Most were innocent civilians. Roughly 50 were Hezbollah. and then there's that report that Israel is leaving pockets of Hezbollah rockets, so they can can the moral high ground in still attacking Lebanon.

That's pretty sick, huh. It's like breaking someones fingers, one-by-one, and then putting a gun a few feet from them. You can still kick them or shoot them because ostensibly they have "access" to a weapon.

But at least Bob Ney is jumping out of the Ohio congressional race. He claims it is to save his family the hassle, but if that were the case, he wouldn't have taken bribes now would he???

Enjoy Monday and check out "The No Sin Zone." She makes me giggle.....


Blogger Emptyman said...

How about the Reuters photographer who doctored at least two photos and presented staged photographs of fake rescues at Cana?

Sometimes I think that if we really knew the truth about everything, we would jump off a bridge.

8:55 AM  

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