July 24, 2006

Oh, The Saga Continues

It's Monday and I have to meet with a pain in the ass attorney in a few hours so they can jack up their billables. Hell, it's still $300 I get to charge my client (who is also a pain in the ass who won't listen to me). But, hey, what's new?

This was in my Inbox this morning. My twice removed aunt or great aunt or whatever has responded to my last e-mail regarding her fake e-mail forwarding. I wonder if she skipped the line where brains were handed out and asked for a second helping of "toolness."

Here's the e-mail:

Dear Raving Badger,
You really have some strong feelings! If you go back to the original letter it is a long way from all the things you are accusing me of. Lets examine your last letter.
No one particularly me cares if they keep their heritage. Like you said the different nationalities have wonderful things to celebrate from their histories. What I do believe is if a person of any nationality wants to become a part of our country they should learn our language and be registered in some way so they can be accounted for just like you and me and then they can recieve what ever they are entitled to,. I wouldn't go to another country and ask them to learn my language and print everything for me. Do you see German, Chinese, Vititnamese, etc instructions on everything you buy? They should get the same pay as anyone else in their trade and employers should be held responsible if they are working illegals for low wages.. I couldn't care less what color of skin they have. We have some dark skin people in our family (yours and mine) I love them all. If you have a better way of granting citizenship to immigrants then, I believe you are in the right business. Change the laws. I AM NOT AGAINST IMMIGRATION only when it is illegal.
Most of the things you were going on about have nothing to do with the original letter in fact if you reread it, it was praising all the different nationalities we have in our country. The way I read it, It was not against immigration but illegals and you can blow it all out of proportion that you want. I am not supporting any Minutemen or neo-nazis .
I am totally in agreement with you on our border security. Bush and his allies are destroying our country every move he makes. There are no telling how many illegals who are crossing all our borders and willing to destroy us. All the more reason to do something about it.
Your remark about red neck crackers sounds like you have some regional prejudices of your own. I hope that all your anger becomes productive.
Sincerely, Aunt So-and-So

Any votes on how I should respond? I'm trying vey hard to count to 10 before responding to someone who is clearly impossible and doesn't get the nuances of how she's being a tool.


Blogger Emptyman said...

Dear Aunt So-and-so:

For most of this country's history, there was no such thing as an "illegal" immigrant. If you wanted to come here and work, you could. Only the obviously insane or tubercular were denied admission.

People come to this country today for these reason they always came here: to work. They come here because there are superior economic opportunities.

The laws which decide who can "legally" immigrate and those who can't are archaic and unworkable. They don't recognize the basic economic forces which drive poor people to seek better lives for their families. They are an illogical, unevenly enforced, biased, useless hodgepodge of laws which actively discriminate against those who most want to come here.

Those laws are not reformed because it is to the benefit of business interests to keep them the way they are. Businesses benefit from illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants pay taxes and social security but they can't get any government benefits. Moreover, they are at the mercy of their employers. They can be exploited and abused and are as disposable as Kleenex to the people who hire them.

You and I benefit from this system. Food is cheaper. Housing is cheaper. The Social Security shortfall is smaller. But businesses benefit most of all. An illegal immigrant workforce creates additional demands on hospitals (treating uninsured patients) and police (trying to maintain law and order amongst a group which by virtue of its illegal existence has no vested interest in law and order) but those are costs that the meat-packing plants and construction companies "externalize" -- shift onto society as a whole so that they can pay cheaper wages with no benefits and no worker's compensation or unemployment or complaints about discrimination.

If this country was TRULY serious about ending illegal immigration, we wouldn't punish the workers who just want to provide a better life for their families. We would instead fine any employer who hired an undocumented worker $1,000,000 per worker per day. Instead of spending billions on a stupid fence, we would hire lots more investigators to do surprise inspections of businesses to confirm that they are not hiring undocumented workers. Instantly, "problem" solved.

As far as seeing Spanish alongside English on a package, how does that hurt me in any way? How does adding new elements to the American cultural mix hurt me in any way? Latino immigrants are no different than Polish or Italian or German immigrants when it comes to acculturating. Their children will learn English and their grandchildren will struggle to keep up their Spanish.

Getting our panties in a bunch about "illegal aliens" accomplishes nothing other than to fan the flames of xenophobia and racism. They are only a "problem" because certain interests want them to be that way.

9:42 AM  

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